VIDEO: Israel Air Force strikes on Hamas buildings in Gaza
Yoav Zitun
Published: 26.03.19, 12:37
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1. Always bomb high rise Hamas Investment Properties-not farms
Alan ,   SA   (03.26.19)
I noticed that Hamas and Hezballah,even in Beirut, dont like their high rise property investment properties being bombed. It is no use bombing farms and beaches and empty watchtowers (calling therm "bases") In that building yesterday was an "Insurance Company"-obviously a Hamas Investment.Also it was an Iranian order that launches the rockets.-in order to make a diversion down South.
2. Delusional Idiots
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (03.26.19)
"The Palestinian resistance is the one that will decide when and how this (the hostilities) will end," ??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA whoaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - what a bunch of delusional Morons - they HAVE to know that Israel can level the Gaza strip - they wouldn't stand a chance. But of course they need to keep up the act to give those poor bastards a bit of hope.
3. Look how those Gaza buildings crumbled!
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.26.19)
Looks like some building inspectors were paid off to look the other way. Substandard materials, shoddy workmanship, and POOF! the building disintegrates with a single bomb!

I bet Hamas (maybe Haniyeh himself) skimmed 30% of the building's construction budget for themselves. No honor among thieves!

And now Hamas and Haniyeh will drag out the donor list and find useful idiots (Qatar, Sweden, etc.) to fund the rebuilding- of which they will again take 30% for themselves!

Hamas doesn't want peace, they don't want to take over Israel- they simply want to continue their corrupt ways and enrich themselves at Gaza's expense, over and over again.

How freaking stupid are the people of Gaza???
4. Quiet for quiet? NO! Keep bombing.
Jackieboy   (03.26.19)
The arabs offer of quiet for quiet, fugeduboudit. Keep bombing until they stay quiet, and remain so. Let them beg for quiet and ignore Egypt and the EU. No more bomb shelter panics. Bomb!
5. Blah,blah,,not one of Hamas goons harmed, Social Workers
ab   (03.26.19)
,also called the IDF assure it
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