Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
The IDF is no longer playing by Hamas' rules
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 26.03.19, 15:17
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1. Hamas starts things, then very cowardly, seeks ceasefire
Mark Sherry ,   USA   (03.26.19)
Disgusting human beings, even for terrorists.
2. What "heavty price"? Not one goon has been killed,buildings
ab   (03.26.19)
will be rebuilt with EU money
3. Practice makes perfect!
Bluto ,   Boston   (03.26.19)
This will also be a fantastic practice for what will need to be done in Lebanon. Real world real enemy shooting rockets on a smaller scale. The IDF can perfect their technique and test new ordinances in a real-life live fire situation. Practice makes perfect!
4. Almost unprecedented bullshit
Tuvia Fogel ,   Milan   (03.26.19)
Don't know if the author has infiltrated Israeli media on behalf of Hamas or if he just has the IQ of a cactus plant.
5. Until Gaza is in pieces
Sam Tayar ,   Montreal   (03.26.19)
"quiet will be met with quiet."

Once Hamas begs for peace, Israel will respond in kind..................after 6 months.
6. Where do these insane policies come from? VICTORY!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.26.19)
Hamas, Fatah, and every other "Palestinian" group wants to wipe Israel off the map. Israel responds to their genocidal intent with "quiet for quiet"! Where do these insane policies come from? If the WW II Allies had such policies, what is left of the world would all speak German. Israel needs and wants VICTORY!
7. Enough
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (03.26.19)
I hope that this time Israel will stop talking to these fools, and finish the job in Gaza. Strike first should be the on-going motto not negotiations which are seen as a sign of weakness by Hamas. Am Yisrael Hai!!!
8. This is a silly game
Lu ,   Malibu   (03.27.19)
It's looks like Israel became a demolition contractor for the Palestinians.
Demolition which creates new jobs from recycling to new construction all for free courtesy of the Israeli taxpayer.
It is time to go back to taking out the heads of the terrorist's organization.
This silly game of bomb for bombs is giving the chihuahua the veto power on the life of 8 million people every time they don't have enough bread, oil or electricity. Netanyahu big mouth keep yapping for 25 years that he knows and only he can deal with terrorists what a blipping joke.
Wake the hell up!!
either take the chance and make peace
Or go in and clear this den of snakes.
9. what crap 'journalism' throughout
'only fired about 60 rockets at Israel'. SICK
Israel can't manage to kill any hamasites. Israel's 'new' policy - distinction w/o a difference.
10. Bluff
Mordechai ,   San francisco   (08.17.19)
This article is not true. Pure bluffing. Hamas is not fooled
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