Report: Hamas won't halt weekend protests at Gaza fence despite ongoing fighting
Published: 27.03.19, 10:09
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1. give us good news, a rocket strike that kills sinwar
2. Then a few more morons will get injured or die.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.27.19)
How boring. Islamozombies attack the wall, IDF shoots the worst offenders. Next!

Just seems incredible to think that if 10,000 Gazans sat peacefully at the border for few hours, Israel might seriously talk about lifting the blockade.

But Hamas-inspired idiots have no brains of their own. Oh well.

"Somebody get me a sufganiyot and some more ammo, please?"
3. read these alleged minustes of gaza protective edge cabinet
james   (03.27.19)

According to the report, then-Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and then-Chief of Staff Benny Gantz presented the ministers with the risks that might arise as a result of the cease-fire.

The following is Israel Hayom's partial publication of the transcript:

Gantz: "In general, every day of a humanitarian truce, at least for a day or two, creates a situation in which the forces must deal more and more tunnels."

Then-Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett: "What are the drawbacks of a truce?

Ya'alon: "Robert Serry (UN representative to the Middle East) supports the truce."

Bennett: "I asked about the shortcomings of a humanitarian truce."

Ya'alon: "I see this situation [of the truce] only as a benefit. If someone here wants to conquer Gaza, let's have a discussion."

Bennett: "I am surprised by this answer... you're wrong, there are prices [to a cease-fire]."

Bennett's position was joined by Yisrael Beiteinu ministers Avigdor Lieberman and Yitzhak Aharonovitch, who voted against the cease-fire. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ya'alon and all the other cabinet ministers voted in favor. The decision was approved.

After the incident in which the soldiers were killed, the cabinet met again. According to the protocols received by Israel Hayom, Minister Gilad Erdan asked Gantz: "Wait a minute, the soldiers were forbidden to open fire in advance at the stage of progress?"

Gantz: "They were allowed to return fire when they were shot at, and when there was no enemy, it was indeed forbidden to shoot preventively. Erdan said that if he had known that Givati ​​soldiers were forbidden to fire, he would not have voted for a cease-fire.

We knew during that war that bibi was out of his depth, looking at a computer screen blankely. gantz had restrictive orders, was wrong about benefits of truces and had no inclination to attack. yaalon talks a good game but has been wrong over and over again.

\bibi of course agrees with yaalon and gantz because he knoiws nothing.

bennett and lieberman to a degree were corredt. yet when it comes to war and peace, ynet and haaretz go with bibi gantz and yaalon. this is why jews have had so much tragedy over the years. go with those who will fight and deffejnd.

yaalon and gantz are not worthy to run israel as leiberman correctly pointed out.
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