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From the lion’s den to London: the repatriation of ISIS children
The Media Line
Published: 30.03.19, 09:08
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1. Muslim countries have vast deserts to settle them in
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.30.19)
This is the natural environment for such children and mothers
2. FYI children are mugging other children already in London
Alan ,   SA   (03.30.19)
They are being held up at knifepoint and having their phones and iPods stolen... OK ,this happens all over world but lately the number of stabbings and even shootiings has risen exponentially.The arrival of the ISIS-kidz should take children on children violence to new highs
3. Have no worries: the future Labor/Corbyn voters have to be
imported into Britanistan.
4. Choices
befair ,   Sweden   (03.30.19)
Children never choose their parents or religion.
5. No, never!
task   (03.30.19)
Don't ever think to let these underage sadists back to Europe. UNFEC pities them - UNFEC may take care of them in Syria. Send them to whatever country in need for transplants - the best rehabilitation.
6. Just who you want living down the street eh?
Cameron   (03.30.19)
Observe the next generational crew of fanatics that will have to be cornered and capped in the years ahead.
7. Whether informed by Darwin, or G-d...
Back it Up ,   Sphinx Time   (03.31.19)
Kill'em all, let their creator sort it out. Biologically speaking, it's survival of the fittest and defense of the social group, ours versus theirs. Islamic sickness has no place in Western society.
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