Netanyahu: Military operation in Gaza only as last resort
Ahiya Raved
Published: 28.03.19, 18:39
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1. No military operation because Bibi is afraid to run a war.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.28.19)
He needs a tough Defense Minister.
2. Reassuring Hamas,that's Netanyahu's speciality
ab   (03.28.19)
3. maybe you should shut up about strategy
morty   (03.28.19)
what leader telegraphs his strategy to the other side. only a nerd would do that. a schmuck does that. shut up.

hamas takes bibi's comments to heart and realize that he is gutless. of course he is afraid of combat. it is p lain for all to see.

waht the hell does the idf teach recruits. you shut up about strategy!!!
4. gantz is worse
henry   (03.28.19)
bibi is no lion of war, far from it. however, he has done a few things well ie the golan recognition by trump, attacking john kerry appeasement offer to Iran. and at least his father's do not concede reverberates in his ear from time to time.

i prefer Bennett but would still vote for bibi as opposed to gantz. i recall gantz being ambivalent about an Iran hit, his passive performance in protective edge, his offer of more withdrawals. even now, we hear that he resisted a secret operation because he wanted all of the cabinet in on it or at least the security cabinet. as if he was looking for others so he could avoid the operation.

this is not some coney island thrill evening. this is the rough and tumble middle east. if anything bibi has been too soft. Israel cannot afford any more Oslos period full stop.

gantz, a nice man is not the man to lead Israel in war and peace. his record does not inspire any confidence. i cannot vote for him.
What's the difference beyween Cancun mexico ,Eilat and Gaza ? the first two are first resorts, Gaza is a ' last resort ."
6. This is a "conspiracy" between our Lunatic Left& Gaza thugs,
albeit without really having been coordinated in any way, in terms of communication/ synchronization of events.
Hamas knows what's good for them: another leftist, defeatist govt. in Israel would be the sweetest music to their ears, that's why they're "supporting" their clueless Jews and create a situation that makes Netanyahu look bad no matter what he does or doesn't!
Elemen'try Watsons.
7. That "last resort' are simply words, it doesn't exists
Kenny   (03.29.19)
While Bibi remains the prime minister, there will be no war in Gaza, and Israel will have to endure Hamas blackmail.

With Bibi, the IDF has become a building demolition company.
8. Netanyahu's proclamations only shows....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (03.30.19)
that the Defense minister cannot initiate any military operations or agreements to deal with any Gaza incendiary kites, rocket fire, demonstrations or unrest in Southern Front without the Prime Minister's authority. Therefor most failures of the IDF should not be placed on IDF'sgenerals but on the shoulders of Netanyahu himself of his inability to handle the situation.
9. #1 Sam: "Bibi needs a tough Defense Minister"
Kenny ,   Sarona, TA   (03.31.19)
Any DM of Bibi will have to ask permission even to go to the bathroom urgently, otherwise he or she will be fired on the spot.

I'm afraid that, if Bibi wins, the next DM will be a woman.
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