German band Rammstein blasted for concentration camp video
Published: 28.03.19, 23:01
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1. Important Reminder
john Smith ,   New york   (03.29.19)
This Germany band doing very important reminder that the Nazi spirt it's her.
The band are artist are present filling and Thoughts for their clients.
The way they choose to present the holocaust as part of the clip, see us Nazis spirt Selling existence desires.
After Germany found this public dishes they must to treat the disease.
Holocaust education and public discourse are the remedy for this problem.
The basic for all The above options its clearly laws that forbidden the Nazis heritage.
2. Just because the clip shows an inmate in a striped garb
Tomek ,   Lublin   (03.29.19)
it does not mean it depicts a Jew. First of all, concentration camp inmates were from many walks of life. Secondly, when the concentration camp were already fully operational, most European Jews were still in ghettos. Thirdly, given the fact that most Jews were killed immediately upon arrival to the camps, a majority of inmates dressed like this were most likely not Jewish. The idea that suffering during WW2 was solely a Jewish experience is at best innapropriate.
4. Now I'm really confused! Suddenly it is "inappropriate",
even "verboten" to use certain imagery to convey a political message (Politically Correct one to boot, it seems) by/in artists/ART?!
Music is still considered "art", isn't it?
That song is not in praise of that dark chapter of German history, to the WTF is this protest all about?!
5. These morons are TYPICAL neo-Nazis.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.29.19)
Merkel isn't any better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. rammstein
tomer ,   jerusalem   (03.30.19)
i am sorry to spoil the party. These people who condem Rammsteins video
should better see the complete video and to the texts of the songs .Then
even those misguided or simply stupid critics will see that this extremely
good rockband is exactly the opposite from what her critics thinks and sings
critical songs about germany and its history .From Barbarians left extreme and right extreme etc including the sick nationalismn. ( yes ,and that is part of the promotion ,their are contoverisal pics and with this the discussion can start.) And to MR.chris rattenmoser, i am now sure you do not understand
a single word in german,so pls .spare us your mostly sick comments.
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