Israel and Hamas owe Egypt their gratitude
Elior Levy
Published: 31.03.19, 11:22
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1. Meanwhile Gaza rockets continue to strike Israel
Jake   (03.31.19)
Ynet pundits praise empty "negotiations" which achieve nothing but kick the can down the road a few weeks (at most).
Hamas and Islamic Jihad strike Israel at will, and remain undeterred...
2. some one is nuts
larry ,   LA (formally)   (03.31.19)
After more rockets are sent over to kill us, after the troops are attacked with firebombs, after mob rioting, and several Arabs killed Ynet says we should thank Egypt for the peace?

Good grief, some one is nuts. Is Ynet publishing out of a nut house? Can they not see reality?
3. Before singing Egypt praises watch how long this will last
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.31.19)
4. Israel capitulated as always..weak Israel fat overfed..
Al   (03.31.19)
5. Typical hudna, nothing more.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.31.19)
Look at those smiling morons. They'll announce that they've won- even though buildings and weapon stores have been demolished.

But what did they win? Did dozens of rockets get them more electricity? Better fishing areas? Better sanitation?

Let's see what Netanyahu 'rewards' them with. And if he does actually reward them with something useful, and all they have to do is literally 'do nothing,' then he has lost his ability to lead the country. Unless, that is, he has managed to make the 'do nothing' on the Hamas side permanent.

If this is a temporary peace, an Islamic hudna, a chance for Hamas to rearm and regroup, then it's a mistake. Make Haniyeh sit down and make a permanent peace. If he won't, he should fully realize that with the first rocket landing in Israel, all hell will be dropped on Gaza.
6. Hamas trying to influence our elections against Bibi: too
stupid not to notice, even for our Leftists (I hope????!)
7. Mengisto, Goldin. Oren. No more rockets on Southern Israel
Israeli Voter ,   Raanana   (03.31.19)
Are we too cowardly to make any real demands in exchange for standing down?
8. Gratitude to Egypt? If yes, for what reason? If no...?
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.31.19)
First Egypt has it"s own national and "islam" interests/problems. Egypt is not impartial. Israel wants security, freedom and peace for it"s people. Egypt is not the solution. It is also part of the problem. Egypt also has borders with the Gaza Strip. If a country/countries has/have to mediate, perhaps China or India, Russia or/and the United States is/are more impartial/unbiased than Egypt, in this case. (these 4 countries are no "islam" countries, some are yet still dictatorial. Perhaps democratic countries can better mediate. And to use their power and influence not only for national interest, but also in a human, responsible and right way, for the international community, to which they also belong) Unfortunately the United Naties is not stil yet capable doing this job. The reasons, of which I also often wrote, are well-known. That problem also must be solved first, or otherwise, perhaps we are better off without the/this UN. The interest and choice of our humankind and our planet are far more important that the interest of the UN. and of any other organization. PLEASE G.D, GIVE YOUR BLESSING AND WISDOM TO ALL OF US, TO LIVE WITH EACHOTHER IN SECURITY, FREEDOM AND PEACE, ON OUR GREAT, BEAUTIFUL AND INTERESTING PLANET.
9. Egypt is doing a great job.. Invading Gaza wud be timewaste
Alan ,   SA   (04.01.19)
Gaza is not worth one Israel IDF casualty with a sprained ankle.. The main challenges are on the northern front. All this Gaza unrest is under Sulimani/Salami orders as diversions.
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