Brazil's president begins Israel visit with embassy move uncertain
Published: 31.03.19, 12:25
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1. I love steaks, so what? Put your money where your mouth is!
2. halal export extortion is a hoax aiming only Bolsonaro
bb   (03.31.19)
there are no proof of suspension of halal meat import by Muslim countries. only the old elite put those cards as a threat. The effort is to negate Bolsonaro any success in any policy.
3. Brazil and Israel.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.31.19)
Brazil and any other country, in this case, better can end, forbid and destroy "islam" and end relations with "islam"countries, until there is no "islam" anymore there. Support Israel and the rest of the free world, for security, freedom and peace worldwide.
4. We will ruin Brazil;s economy, if he moves embassy
Ahmed Sokarno ,   Jakarta   (03.31.19)
5. export halal pork to Jakarta. they dont know difference.
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