Arab leaders to draft UN Security Council resolution on Golan
Published: 01.04.19, 08:38
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1. "Look at Israel! (not at us)
roxanne ,   haifa   (04.01.19)
ive come to believe that israel is just used as a diversion so we dont focus on the tyrants
2. What about Alexandretta/Hatay stolen from Syria by Turkey?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.01.19)
3. United Nazi-Jihadists are in Muslim pockets anyway, why even
This inglorious organization HAS to be dismantled ASAP!
It's a travesty masquerading as "worldwide" outfit.
It is "worldwide" all right: as long as Jew hate is involved& promoted.
'Nuff said.
FO ,   Belgium   (04.01.19)
And still nobody to tell, based on official documents, that the Golan Heights NEVER were part of Syrian real estate. Not Netanyahu, not Bennett, not Shaked, the Minister of Justice (!), of course not Ganz, neither Lapid. And people are sufficiently naive to believe that President Trump took the initiative as well as his administration, to recognize Israel's "annexation" of the Golan Heights without being convinced that this territory never belonged to Syria, but was part of the "Mandate for Palestine", the territory to become the Jewish Independent State. This based on the conclusion of a report made by 4 generals, 2 admirals, 4 acting, assistant and deputy Secretaries of Defense, and last but not least, the author of UNSC Resolution 242, ordered by the American "Center for Security Policy". Some excerpts of the conclusion of this report: "A Mandate is a Trust, according to ART. 80 of the UN Charter. Israel's decision to impose its Laws on the Golan Heights on December 14, 1981, had eventually RIGHTED the WRONG that was committed by the British in March 1923.... The "Golan Heights" as they are known TODAY were never part of Syrian Real Estate, but part of the Palestine Mandate".
5. This is serious
Ardeth Bey ,   US   (04.01.19)
Little doubt, this provides for a side splitting laugh. Watch them there Arabs (like a heap of giant midgets) draw up a draft that will surely move Israel out of the Golan!
Can we all keep our laughter down to a dull roar while we have a respectful moment of quiet noise please? Thank you! Thank you very much!
6. UN members taking drugs? LSD? Not making sense!
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.01.19)
It all sounds to me as members of UN are not in their right minds.
OR, it is a majority Arab opinion to hit on the Israelis - even if Israelis
are correct - in this case, the Golan Heights. Arabs - we won this territory
during the 1967 war. If, you (Arabs) had won territory during a war, you would not hand it back - no way ! All is legal and legitimate and now signed by American President . Accept it.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.01.19)
But just do not want Israel or Jews to have any progress anywhere. Too sad how Muslims have so much land and opportunity, but they really can’t manage them all for the most part and can’t see others manage their own either. They just want to own and rule with no real direction.
8. Golan
Simon ,   New york   (04.01.19)
The GOLAN is an indisputable and existential part of ISRAËL.
So .is Jerusalem.
Judea and Samaria.
As long as the muslim leaders REJECT those facts , means that they REJECT the existance of the state of Israël.
9. Another resolution?
tiki ,   belgium   (04.01.19)
Arabs will protest, EU will condemn, US will veto....and Israel will build!

10. Another veto comming up - new law in town
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (04.01.19)
Thanks president trump for changing international law.
11. Good people must foil UN plan for world domination
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.01.19)
Underneath it's hoax characteristic humanitarian babble, the UN's recently published "The 2030 Agenda", makes it clear the UN seeks world domination. Like that other Jew hating socialist organization, called the Nazis, the UN is dead serious about it's sick goal. NOW is the time for good people, around the world to rise up and foil the UN and it's monstrous plan. The UN must be defunded and destroyed before it is too late.
12. Arab League: the usual day late & a dollar short...
Rafi ,   US   (04.01.19)
Israel's NOT leaving the Golan... and Syria (and Iraq) exist as fictions only...

"Syria" consists of Damascus, Latakia areas controlled by Assad family mafia; the rest divided up amongst rebel forces, Turks, Russians, Kurds, Druze, etc.

What does the Israeli Golan have to do with any of this mess?
13. Arab world and the rest of our world
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.02.19)
The world without the "islam" ideology and other crime. What a wonderful and nice world, for anybody, almost paradise on Earth. LET US GO FOR IT. Perhaps also ALL.H wants that.
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