An army of fake social media in the service of Netanyahu
Ronen Bergman
Published: 01.04.19, 11:58
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1. Isn't it the same as my neighbor telling me "Bibi is crap",
then another neighbor and another on?
What difference does it make, how is that supposed to "influence" my belief in Mr. Netanyahu?
So they're sending some "fliers" out for/against..whatever.
What is REALLY criminal and unacceptable, is the TV- channels constantly driving anti-Bibi propaganda 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Déjà Vu anyone ?
Tc   (04.01.19)
This is exactly what happened in 2016 during the US election and we all know how it ended.

3. Fake news calling out fake news shame its April fools..
4. Media iintentionally lie daily whats the difference??
5. Fake leftist news media drives anti-Bibi propaganda
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.01.19)
What if Bibi's supporters are using the social media to promote him? They have every right to do so. What is truly outrageous and criminal is the fake leftist news media misusing their power to spew hatred of Bibi all day and every day.
6. Israel sorely needs a selfless, principled and resolute PM.
Rabbi Roberto Feldma   (04.01.19)
This moral cancer must heal now.
Israel can't afford this any longer.
The country is about its inhabitants, its environment, its security, its social fabric, its children, education, living standards... not about Netanyahu and his compulsion to keep governing. Sebd him home.
7. It's already being reported these are real people, not bots.
Matt C   (04.01.19)
No sooner than I saw this article on Ynet, other Israeli news sites have contradicted it by confirming most of the supposed identified "bots" to be real people (and the other "bots" are probably real people as well). This is what happens when you trust a sketchy group that came out of nowhere like the "Big Bots Project." Has anyone ever heard of them before? Is this April Fools?

This reminds me of the aftermath of the American election, when a similar group emerged out of nowhere to accuse many Republican supporters on social media of being "Russian bots." It was widely reported, used to create a media storm and ban accounts, and then it turned out to be based on no criteria other than supporting pro-Republican memes (which the group simply assumed to be proof of being pro-Russian and a bot).

These wild "bot" claims need to be verified before being trumpeted to the public.
8. Well Bergman, turns out these "bots" are real people
Jake   (04.01.19)
The owners of these accounts are coming forward and identifying themselves as real people, and calling you out on your BS.
9. One of the great Bot for Bibi
Shoula ,   Tel aviv   (04.01.19)
Every elections the left call us names. Now we are paid BOTS . We simply love Netanyahu and will fight for him out of love. Is it so difficult to understand for haters ?
10. Fake news!
Marc ,   Montreal   (04.01.19)
Nothing the corrupt left won't do to win the elections. But the Israeli people aren't stupid. And Bibi will win big time again!
11. Interesting
So your neighbour sends people to 2.5 Millionen Israelis to intentionally tell them misinformation and lies about Bibi? And does this constantly? You have a busy neighbour.
12. They are A-F-R-A-I-D! We will learn the truth!
because. word. if they (Likud, weren't afraid then they wouldn't need to run this type of campaign right?!
13. What the Likud says!
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (04.02.19)
“The Likud is ALMOST the only party that does not use such methods”
Isn’t the “almost” that gets me - pigs fly?
Disclaimer I’m neither the left or the right nut in the sack but the prick that is stuck between two nuts
14. Let's prepare for a huge funeral of Israeli Left. :-( :-)))
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