Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Gaslighting takes center stage in current elections campaign
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 02.04.19, 10:48
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1. I don't mind Bibi arranging submarine purchase
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.02.19)
through any means - I just want to know why these submarines are not for Israel. They were purchased for Egypt ? Don't get it? Why ? And who paid
the enormous sums? Israeli taxes ?

As for the stupid rumors being passed around about both candidates -
they are just mean cruel rumors and any intelligent person would know
the difference.
2. Bogus article
Jake   (04.02.19)
"Netanyahu's supporters don't believe his involvement in the submarine affair despite overwhelming evidence, but they blindly fall for unconfirmed, far-fetched claims about an alleged sex-tape on Benny Gantz's hacked phone."

There isn't "overwhelming evidence" or even evidence beyond a reasonable doubt against Netanyahu in the "submarine".
I haven't heard any supporters of Netanyahu lending credence to the claim about an alleged sex-tape on Benny Gantz's hacked phone.

Maybe Mr. Yemini would like to address some of Gantz's weird, delusional claims.
3. £250 Million.
Floyd   (04.02.19)
Britain gives around £250 million a week to EU.
4. How is this "gaslighting" a term based on the movie...
of the same name from the 1940's where a man intentionally causing a woman to lose and question her sanity. Explain...
5. politics is a rough business
larry   (04.02.19)
ben dror should stop being a baby, half blind like zandberg who is a disgrace to the Jewish people with her pacifism. 6 milion died for what-for jews to see with their eyes open the reality, not some EU backed rubbish. and to fight to the last if that is what it takes.to fight with honor and to be taken in by false notions and phony peace deals.

ben dror is like zandberg.
6. Yemini is on a slippery slope,leading from one inane posting
to another, with no end in sight...
What has happened to this otherwise balanced (all being relative) man?
nyny   (04.02.19)
8. What counts is if Ganz or Bibi can get religious parties.
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.02.19)
Bibi has the edge but Ganz is not ruling them out. This is the deciding issue not one seat more or one seat less because of submarine or sex stories.
9. thyssenkrupp marine system and israels submarine deal
tomer ,   jerusalem   (04.02.19)
Its long overdue that somebody takes up again the case 3000. this deal
for additional german submarines and other ships and additonal maintenance
arrangements stinks skyhigh ,but the police investigation in this case seems
to be "submerging". The accusations and findings against very prominent
personalities ,including the relative and special envoy of our PM in this case,
somehow vanished from the public eye. According to german newspapers
"israel" requested to change the then representative (bareket) to ganor.
Furthermore the israeli military did not see any need for several new subs,nor could they see how israel shipyards could handle the maintenance.defense minister yaalon did not know of the "secret" meetings
of netanyahus special envoy shimroni and stepped down. ganor became state witness and short while ago tried to retract (because of frozen money)
Ex-generals are involved and other public figures ,all seeking to get a piece
of the "money cake". But Our PM did not know anything about this.
So , if he really did not know what was going on around around him then
he utterly failed and israels security isin the wrong hands.And if he knew then it becomes one of the most serious cases in Israels history. Both alternatives are however deeply troubling and we the people have a right to know who knew what and when,who ordered these vessels and why ,why the defense establishment was not involved (or was it ,but who),how much money ,or kickbacks ,flow into whos pockets and many more questions like
"did egpyt profit from this deal by getting subs too ?" etc .etc.
10. Anti Bibi left has been gaslighting Israeli public for years
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.03.19)
The hoax "investigation" against Bibi is an attempt, by the Bibi hating leftist judiciary, to gaslight the Israeli public. Legitimate investigations don't go on year after year indefinitely, as the "investigation" against bibi has.

And what do they have to show for endless years of the "investigation", at a cost of millions of shekels to hard pressed Israeli taxpayers? Nothing but take out dinners, and other trivial gifts everyone gives their friends and acquaintances. The fake "investigation" is really a silent coup to overturn elections, because Bibi's deep state foes don't him winning.
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