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Druze not forgetting Nation-State Law
Assaf Kamar
Published: 01.04.19, 23:02
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1. No Israeli deserves the Nation-State Law.
DOV ,   USA   (04.02.19)
With this law in effect Israel is no better than it's enemies. Shameful and heartless.
2. Nationality law was vital
David ,   New york   (04.01.19)
It would seem quite obvious to everyone that Israel is the nations state of the Jewish people
The fact that this is even a subject of debate 70 years after the founding of the state of Israel is a testament to how messed up much of Israel is today.
This is a real question?!?!
Israelis need to learn some history and learn what being a Jew is
It’s fine to protect the Druze and open the society to them.
The country is a Jewish state
This is pathetic!
3. I donno nothing
France, Belgium, Australia, NZ and other will have good Friday easter Sunday & Monday. You are jewish? Too bad take the days for your own festivals on your annual leave. What makes it different? Jews cannot have a jewish state?
4. Yeah? We don't forget that they sometimes forget to remember
what side of the border they're living on....
Besides: it's a free country, let them vote as they wish (or think they do).
5. The Jewish State Law does not contradict equal rights
Jake   (04.02.19)
for all individual citizens and the democratic character of Israel, which are enshrined in other Basic Laws.

Would the Left be satisfied if the Jewish Nation State Law added a sentence stating that all Israeli citizens have equal rights as individuals? I think not.
6. Nationality Law= legislation of fascism
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (04.02.19)
7. That law is our saving grace. Only idiots cannot grasp that!
8. Guess who's helping the Druze to "remember"? Our Quislings!
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