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Trump's master plan for the Gaza Strip
Smadar Perry
Published: 02.04.19, 21:11
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1. Waiting...........
DSM ,   USA   (04.02.19)
for Israel to get the short end of the stick.
2. Steal of Century, giving Palestine to White Khazar Ashkenazi
... "Jew" Converts.
3. Israel capitulated as always..way to go post
Al   (04.03.19)
Zionists..you are negotiating your way into a galut..all over again.

Toudont need a state you need perpetual exile.
If / were President Trump in charge of the Brexit negotiations, what would have happened ?
5. "Who in the Arab world wants to be associated with Trump"? L
Jake   (04.03.19)
Saudi Arabia

Delusional left-wing author has no grip on reality.
6. I like the idea. Do U want 2 Million seething unemployed.Gaz
Alan ,   SA   (04.03.19)
Israel must at ALL TIMES be free to take on Northern Mischief of Salami/Sulimani terrible twins. .Thats where danger is. WE want to remain a JEWISH HOMELAND
7. Deal of the next century maybe
Shachar ,   Eilat   (04.03.19)
Gaza is wallowing deep in it's own crap and is not about to change....empty' pointless talks and deals are a dime a dozen here....none of them has made even an iota of difference.
8. The/a deal of the century
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.03.19)
First, what has Qatar to do with that plan? Perhaps the only person, who can answer that question is current United States president Donald Trump himself, because it is his "masterplan". Egypt perhaps also has it"s own national interest in this deal, because it has a landborder of about 10 - 15 kilometers, 6-9 miles, with the Gaza Strip. Israel has the longest border, 50-60 kilometers, 30-40 miles. The Mediterranean Sea has a border of 40 kilometers/25-30 miles. If Qatar has something to do with it, then we also can say that, for example, it also goes for Japan and for the fishes in the Med. Sea, (if they can talk)because their sea also has a border with the Gaza Strip. This plan/deal also is/will be human"s work. It is not only a national interest. It also is/will be of international interest/the/an interest of the international community. Much wisdom for Trump and for any party, involved in this problem, for solving it.
9. A tremendous, beautiful PLAN: Huge, flat&smooth airport. All
over what's called "Gaza"!
World-hub for all air traffic and future planet-hopping rocket ships.
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