Brazil's president calls Nazis leftists after Israel Holocaust museum visit
Published: 03.04.19, 21:23
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1. "fascist and anti-Semitic - rather than a socialist" ??
Jake   (04.03.19)
As if socialists cant be fascist and anti-semitic?
2. Brazil's President NSDAP
Gordon ,   Tel Aviv   (04.03.19)
How can a President make such ignorant remarks? The Nazi Party used the acronym NSDAP (national socialist German workers party) to get working class votes as part of their deceit and propaganda. Yad Vashem were of course correct.
3. NSDAP -> National-Socialistic German Labor Party
S. Marek ,   Munich   (04.03.19)
That was the voll name of the "nazi" party ! Therfore Jair Bolsonaro is right.
The socialists of today behave in the same maner, and don't forget that communisim kiled some 80 Millions people! Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and many more.
4. Calling..
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.03.19)
As if that is important, that ridiculous remark of him. It is for sure he has an enormous hatred against people, who are supposed to be left, by him. Mr. Coward/Mr. fake friend of Israel better can open the Brazilian embassy in Jerusalem, instead of giving fake reasons/arguments. He better can hate the criminal ideology of "islam", forbid "islam" in Brazil and end relations with all countries of the "islam"world caliphate, until "islam" ceases to exist and is destroyed. Because "islam" terror also can hit his country. One person who also hated people, of whom he thought to be left, Joseph McCarthy, during the 1950"s in the United States. We all know how that ended. Instead of making such idiotic remarks, he must protect his people and the Brazilian national interest and not appeasing the criminal "islam world caliphate. He also must know what right and left is, in traffic(situations), much more important than making hypocritical remarks. If all countries act in the same way, as he does, it is no surprise that the "islam"world caliphate always wins/can win. DO WE WANT THAT OR NOT? We, the rest of the countries and humankind, about 6 billion, have to stand up against that and end that crime, to save our humankind from terror and chaos, to get security, freedom and peace. He can take an example to United States president Donald Trump, who had the courage to open the American embassy in Jerusalem.
5. definately on the spectrum
between right and left this guy like bb and orangetop are unique in defining what suits their disorder,
6. It’s national socialism
David ,   New york   (04.04.19)
The nazi’s believed the state should have all the power
The socialist believe the state should have all the power
When people lost their freedom and power and the power going to the state, you get totalitarianism
It’s all similar
7. Nazis were socialists, and socialists are leftists
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.03.19)
In Hitler's early days, the German Socialist Party was the leading leftist party in Germany. Hitler applied for membership in this party. Upon being rejected, he joined the fledgling National Socialist Party. Both were vehemently leftist parties.

The Nazi platform of authoritarian government, gun control, central economy etc. are standard leftist. Hitler was totally alien to the rightist platform of free enterprise, gun rights etc. Nazis were socialists and socialists are leftists.
8. leftists..rightists..and all that garbage political m..f..
smokeonwater   (04.04.19)
9. Wow.. trying to paint the ultra-right nazis as leftists...
David ,   Montreal   (04.04.19)
That's a new low. Especially from a country that hid nazi war criminals and is guilty of their own horrible war crimes.
10. Brazil another another populist regime....
Just like 1930s and 1940s Germany.
11. Well, all come together now
Moise   (04.04.19)
it's weird, because the Zionist movement who was behind the creation of what you call Israel was a leftist socialist obedience.
12. International Left uses Nazi Germany to demonize Nationalism
Jake   (04.04.19)
They've been doing it for 70 years, as they creep closer to global domination under a socialist new world order.

President Trump is undoing their agenda.
13. Bolsonaro's scorecard
1. He didn't move the Brazilian Embassy instead he embarrassed PM Netanyahu by giving in to only having an interest section in Jerusalem. For the record on the diplomatic ladder an interest section is barely a toe-hold as it ranks BELOW a consulate and a consular services office.
2. And this is especially for all of the TBers applauding Bolsonaro's comments. It takes a very especiallynd of hatred towards Jews to walk into Yad V'Shem andand make a declaration in direct opposition to Yad V'Shem's well researched polices and positions. This is especially hateful on Bolsonaro's part when we remember that given that Yad V'Shem is funded by the government of Israel...basically Bolsonaro is opossing the duly elected government of Israel. Which is to say Bolsonaro slapped PM Netanyahu in the face and Netanyahu thanked him! Wow
14. So many right winger bending over to kiss the ring....
...Of Bolsonaro!
Will the Israel right wing ever be finished with their gulus mentality?
Will the Israel right wing ever be finished with thanking every last goy for lifting their boots off of our collective Jewish backs?
S. Marek ,   Munich   (04.04.19)
Hey, "Democrats" (Leftists, Greens, Socialists) don't freak out!
The fascists now come as ANTIFA to the fight against everything that is politically right of so-called "democrats" and march like the SA of 1933 with your political and financial full support.
SA-ntifa since at least 2015 !!!
16. Jake get the rule book
You kiss the ring on thehand of living goyim not dead ones!
17. Speaking about right and left
Sjoerd van der Velde   (04.04.19)
I do not care that Nazism and "islam" were/are right or left, left or right.. Far more important, they were/are both criminal, barbaric, inhuman, bad and evil ideologies. I wrote also about examples of them and they are well-known, I suppose.
18. Right, left and Jair Bolsonaro
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.16.19)
Because he always and likes to talk about left (and right), he is a stupid left idiot himself. Let him learn from that, before he opens his mouth. I have the right to consider him (as) left. Other people, of course, also have that right.
19. And Kim Jong Un is a democrat
Dan   (04.22.19)
After all the full name of his country is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Can Netanyahu dig up any more right wing idiots to ally himself to?
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