Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank settlements if re-elected
Associated Press
Published: 07.04.19, 09:21
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1. The master of empty promises days before election!
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (04.07.19)
2. Nothing new, WB was effectively annexed in 1967
Haim Bara'am ,   Tel Aviv   (04.07.19)
Apartheid can not be sustained for ever, Arabs are already a majority in mandatory Palestine
3. The "others' promise death&calamity if Bibi's re-elected, so
i guess he's allowed to do some over the top himself....?
4. Of course he would.
Befair ,   Sweden   (04.07.19)
Isn´t Israel the 51st state of the US?
5. Not sure where U.S. Jews support of Israel is headed.
The 2 State Solution is over, and not all American Jews are comfortable with Israeli policies. Division seems greatest in my lifetime. Republicans support Trump, Democrats, I doubt they will budge. Time will tell.

Trump is not the President of Israel.
6. International law to Pals means handover of West Bank+ROR
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.07.19)
There never was a 2 state solution as Israel and the West saw it. (Jewish state and Palestinian state). All there was was the Palestinian version meaning Israel hands over the West Bank and there is a Palestinian return to Israel proper resulting in 2 Palestinian states. So, no reason to mourn the loss of the 2 state solution. Netanyahu annexing parts of the West Bank doesn't disturb the peace process.There never was one.There was only Pals trying to get Arab armies to destroy Israel or the West to boycott it to death or Palestinians trying to scare away Jews by missiles, stabbings, shootings,rammings or whatever else they could dream up.
7. Israel (proper).
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.07.19)
In this case, he is right. Judea, Samaria, entire Jerusalem, the Gaza-Strip and the Golan Heights also belong to Israel, just as Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilath, for example. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The non-Jewish population, "islam" Arabs also must adapt/ be loyal, in/to Israel, or leave that country, no matter how many. Israel is the/ a Jewish, Israeli and democratic state.
8. i cannot vote for gantz and lapid
eli   (04.07.19)
israelis had confidence in geenrals like ariel sharon, so they took chances voting for him knowing he could destroy hamas and hezbollah if he put his mind to it. not so with gantz. why would you dumb israelis vote for a failed general. you saw him sit back, passively, and not go for the throat. he talks like a philosopher, not a genral who would protect the state.

you saw him in the gaza war. what did shapira say about him???

bibi is frustrating with his over-dependence on usa and putin. but he did not withdraw from any land, he fought back against obama, and he does not adopt pie in the sky delusional peace.

lapid is like his late father, an olmert affectionado. if you watch charlie rose interview of him years ago, you will see what an arrogant ignoramus he is.

i cannot vote for gantz under any circumstance, none whatsoever.

at one time, i liked yaalon who talks a good game. but he did not deliver in the gaza war. he worries more about an idf soldier delivering an elbow than hamas firing rockets and incendiaries. no more, i do not support hm.

as for merridor and his support for gantz, he was a weakling. and mofaz was a flop as chief of staff who did not keep idf ready and able.

vote for parties that will protect the high ground and the state.
9. getting desparate
doda   (04.07.19)
10. and who was primeminister and uitimately responsible
doda   (04.07.19)
these "failures"???
Who had the final word in how to act? Just asking...
you are right though, vote for those who care for the country, not for themselves.
11. BS article
David ,   New york   (04.07.19)
The settlement blocks are going to be annexed eventually under any scenario you envision. Even rabin/Perez/Barak/Olmert we’re going to do that (after giving everything else to yassir Arafat.
The only question is:
Do we wait around like idiots, intentionally making ourselves weak so that we can later beg for what we must have anyway
Do we take the initiative and formalize what is already reality

Why would we leave ourselves weak on purpose??
12. build more
Ex Oleh Chadash   (04.08.19)
apartments in Israel cost too much ... would not it be better to make new kibbutzim? no one ever told me how to buy land and build in these places. Every new immigrant feels lack of information. JAFI told me nothing about housing opportunities, areas of development. I was not a rich oleh. I see pictures of people building beautiful small cities in the desert - very nice, keep going.
13. The right perspective...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (04.08.19)
for a Prime Minister is what vision and objectives he has to lead Israel into the future. How will the general people of Israel prosper under his leadership?
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