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Artificial limbs change lives for wounded Gaza protesters
Published: 08.04.19, 21:11
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1. If Pals accepted 1947 UN plan there wouldnt be need for this
Alan ,   SA   (04.08.19)
oleg ,   florida   (04.08.19)
3. Ynet the schmatta for Hamas
Al   (04.09.19)
4. Bad journalism
Edouard ,   Tel Aviv   (04.09.19)
And why is it that you are writing this article ???
Should we feel guilty??
This people are supporting a terroriste organization at best or more likely are terrorists themselves
Please stop
5. They Have No Cause for Complaint
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (04.09.19)
They can't complain; They don't have a leg to stand on!
6. Sorry
Jack bender ,   Palm beach fl. USA   (04.09.19)
Are we supposed to feel sorry for these fools?
7. Hamas is sickening
Lee ,   LA   (04.09.19)
To dupe these people into thinking that they will actually march on Jerusalem or even cross the fence into Israel s a crime. No doubt these pawns havn't much of an IQ but even the stupid should be able to figure out that the cowardly leadership is safe, well behind the lines, warm and well fed. It will cost the people thousands of dead to get rid of hamas but nobody else will do it for them.
8. Artificial brains would be tenfold better!!!!!
9. Many are not terrorists, but...
Marc ,   Montreal   (04.09.19)
...others and many of them are! Just look at the videos of these "protests": many try to breach the border fence with deadly arms even grenades. They want to enter Israel and kill children and women in the villages and kibutzes that are nearby. Which country would allow this at its border? None!
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