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U.S. declares Iran's Revolutionary Guards terrorist organization
Associated Press
Published: 08.04.19, 19:28
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1. Trump: Recognizes Golan, Jerusalem & IRGC as terrorists...
GWAC ,   Barbuña, Curuthers   (04.08.19)
American Jews throw support behind Pelosi, Omar, Tlaib and OAC.

Fortunately, with assimilation rates being what they are, the phenomenon of the ultra-lib, assimilated Jew will be very short lived.
2. trump
mike ,   seattle   (04.08.19)
I am not a supporter of Trump and he has many obvious faults. However, on this he is absolutely right.
3. Not only Iran.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.08.19)
Iran and the rest of the criminal "islam" world caliphate, 57 countries, about 60 "islam" groups, who are in different countries and their affiliates, almost 2 billion, can be considered as a terrorist organization/entity/sect. "islam" of course, can be called a terrorist, criminal ideology, being the source, because "islam" wants to conquer and to submit humankind, more than 7 billion people, even by terror attacks/strikes, force, violence and jihad/war, to establish an "islam" dictatorial worlddomination/worldempire/worldcaliphate/worldgovernment. I do not hate any people. I do hate the terrorist, criminal "islam" ideology, for putting people to criminal and terrorist behaviour, to kill innocent people, who only want to have security, freedom and peace. Of the measures and sanctions we can take, to end, to forbid and to destroy "islam", I wrote many times and of monitoring and watching it.
4. Theres a saying-The only thing worse than a liar is
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.08.19)
A liar thats also a hypocrite with dirty hands that points fingers

The malevolence of the arrogant shady goosetepping brutal xenophobic Shia Nazi RG is well documented. Running around funding and promoting mayhem and instability ALL OVER THE REGION, threatening neighbours, promising genocide...TERRORIST IS TOO GOOD A WORD

And lets not forget
Their own Hezbollah official 'brother' who publicly boasted ON THE DAY OF HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY just three years ago
'We will destroy Zionism one Jew at a time'

Their maniacal blood lust knows no bounds
5. IRGC has impressive garb although ISIS wasn't impressed
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.09.19)
6. Trump just declared the truth: IRGC is a terror organisation
C   (04.10.19)
the irgc is very similar to the nazi ss: murdering, torturing civilians, at
home and abroad.
the irgc engages in war crimes and in crimes against humanity.
trump's declaration is warning to the weak, immoral europeans.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (04.10.19)
Mullahs know that they have no game. They put on a show everyday to fool their supporters.
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