Netanyahu's traditional partners set to join the new coalition
Published: 10.04.19, 09:52
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1. This man needs to be behind bars
Gracey ,   Israel   (04.10.19)
He is a criminal - today is a bad bad day for my beautiful country.
2. Why are religious parties even considered "right"?
Our tax money goes to these people, who don't work and contribute zero to society. They don't pay any taxes and live on welfare that everyone else pays for. An the conservative right supports them!? It's outrageous. Shame on those voters that are giving them so much power in the government. A government with a strong religious voice always ends up destroying a country.
3. The best is yet to come-peace and prosperity for Israel-T G
Alan ,   SA   (04.10.19)
4. Ultra Orth
Chaim ,   JErusalem   (04.10.19)
Who sais they're parasites? They buy apartments, support Israeli products including ElAl. They are heavily Zionist despite saying otherwise-none leave the medina! Keep in mind that its been the predominant chiloni-secular candidates keeping the charedi parties in power for well over 2 decades.

Can the secular not talk to eachother that they have to resort to fringe parties to secure a majority so that they can rule the country with fairness and equality? Problem=Secular not Religious
5. The Jews of Israel have spoken.. thank God
Al   (04.10.19)
Israel goes from strength to strength.

Israel rules..all roads to Washington go thru Jerusalem.

Many more countries will relocate their embassies to Jerusalem.

As goes America so goes the sane world.

6. Not Arnie, BIBI is the master of the universe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.10.19)
GO FOR IT, ***ANNEX***...NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. His real name is Mileikowsky not Netanyahu
Michael ,   Berlin   (04.10.19)
he should be transported back to his homeland in Warsaw!
8. RIP
Kristian   (04.10.19)
Country of arsim and dosim
9. The Entebbe Myth will fake Bibi into Melech Israel.
NYNY   (04.10.19)
10. With Lapid+Meretz on his side Gantz lost religious
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.10.19)
Nationalist, secular right prefers coalition with religious parties to secular centrist peace making parties who could call for building freeze or withdrawals.
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