Arab parties pay the price for the indifference of their voters
Hasan Shaalan
Published: 10.04.19, 20:32
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1. No one to blame but themselves ;-)
sgilbert ,   Teaneck   (04.10.19)
Arab voters demonstrated how their constituents value their elected officials....zilch. If they focused on improving the well-being of their constituents instead of performing as PA stooges championing resistance politics and incitement the election results would have been different.

The voters have been duped, but not completely. LOL
2. peace now
PermReader   (04.10.19)
The idea of the colored people` right to compensate their colonial past enthusiastically conquers the world. The Arabs,privileged Muslims are full of the idea,being poor, they dream of the destruction of the West with the loathsome Jewish democracy. They wait for their night of the long nives,while the Jewish oldies whisper peacce now, please.
3. "islam" Israeli Arabs and Israeli elections.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.12.19)
First I want to congratulate Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu and his party with their victory. Also the "islam" Arabs in Israel have to understand that the state of Israel is far more important than the criminal ideology of "islam", and stop with that crime. They are not discriminated in Israel. They can participate fully. Not going to vote is stupid. They also have Israƫli citizenship and all the rights. They are free to leave Israel, if they do not agree. For their interests they better they better can vote. Otherwise they must not complain. just as in any other country.
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