Opinion  Sima Kadmon
Netanyahu's short-lived victory
Sima Kadmon
Published: 10.04.19, 23:14
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Eliyahu Kitov ,   Safed   (04.11.19)
Sir, this election, with its sharp veer to the right, was mainly about identity politics, - are you a Jew, and how do you live it. Missing in this article was not that Gantz finally accepted defeat, but rather that despite massive support from our left-wing journalists, they have yet to admit that this time, despite every effort, they failed to swing the country. They failed-you failed,-the country bumpkins and ludicrous religious actually thought, considered and rejected.
2. Are we going to get
Boaz   (04.11.19)
another 4 years of leftist disgrantled yachnei? You have been DEFEATED. Let the PM do his job for the sake of the whole country.
3. Waiting for the Loony Right backlash
Grip   (04.11.19)
Just like their plans for a new Judean State and a spanking new golden temple, complete with sacrificial lambs and Persil-white long, flowing robes, they'll be spitting and fuming from flaring nostrils at the very thought that their holy-of-holies god Bibi is, in fact, mortal and will soon be be writing his memoirs from a prison cell. Naturally, he will be nicely protected from real prison life. It'll be made into a home from home, and his relatives, knowing how dreadfully impoverished he is and needs to preserve his $60 million (and that's the known amount) in the bank will make the donations necessary for cigars, perfumed candles, champagne and pistachio ice cream.

That said, a word about Gabbai. Here Sima errs. Nobody will miss him. No, he is NOT a nice, humble guy with a prime ministerial air, saved for his swan song. He simply failed, all the way, on the charm test, the leadership test, the policy check. Politics is not his forte. He will go and he deserves to go.
4. How revolting.
Gerald Wilson   (04.11.19)
Who is this disgusting back-biting so-called "writer"... Poisonous in every aspect... except when licking Gantz's backside. She should put salt on it first...in case his major defeat, -from "inexperience..I hear.-. causes these tasteless "observations".... REVOLTING...!! Ynet need some GOOD writers,,not jealous mischiefmakers...,,,.

5. This article clearly demonstrates the writer's bias.
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (04.11.19)
The article is more about the writer's hate for Likud and Netanyahu than about any intelligent analysis.What is not mentioned is Likud's increased share of the votes compared to the previous election.The article is full of anti Netanyahu conclusions without paying any attention to the nature of the legal process.The article trivlialises journalism and debases it to the level of naked propoganda
6. Ynet motto if you cantt beat them piss on their parade
Al   (04.10.19)

7. Again
Boris L Celser   (04.11.19)
Nothing like a leftist to spoil the good news.
8. Still salty?
Uzi   (04.11.19)
Hey YNET you still mad Bibi won?
9. As if reading Medieval flgellant screaming "Memento Mori!"
ab   (04.11.19)
Kadmont should enter order of Carmelitans, go barefoot, never wash and think about Eternity..
Maybe she does
10. Dream on , dream on , dream on.... (Aerosmith)
11. Time will tell indeed, but this openly hostile wishful
thinking is so indicative of Left's growing desperation over have lost all and every inch of relevance in this Post-Progressive world...
Pathetic yelps from Sima (as expected)
12. Impeachment!
Kenny ,   Sarona TA   (04.11.19)
In the United States, all those who dreamed of Trump's impeachment, with John "Crazy Horse" Kerry leading the huge waves of the new Sioux warriors, today rest in peace in the greater America's garbage dump.

The same will happen here to all who here begin to think about the impeachment of Netanyahu.

Actually, the left is as predictable as railway traffic and the movement of planets.
13. insignificant allegations against Bibi
If the engine of your car goes bad, do you buy a new car ?or do you have it repaired?Nobody replaces a good engine. There is no one to take over competently from Netanyahu.
14. sima's hatred for bibi makes her blind
jeff   (04.11.19)
sima's article is full of rubbish. she loathes bibi so much that she is now peddling falsehoods.

firstly, gantz was no great candidate. his prior idf record in gaza was not good, not good at all-read shapira you ignoramuses.his business experience was not good either.

bibi is not strong in security, he unravels and cannot on his own go all the way. he flinches. however, he is a brilliant politician and his comeback in this election was spectacular.

gantz was a bad candidate except for looks. and lapid is warmed over olmert- a bs artist and weakling in security.

as for indictments, he probably will be indicted and convicted.

bennett will be waiting in the wings.

sima is really pathetic. that is all one could say.

15. Stop gloating...
yosef ,   Jerusalem   (04.11.19)
Sima K. whose reputation as a two Left brains is well established, is gloating over the Prime minister's alleged legal troubles, intentionally minimizing his significant, indeed critical victory at the polls...
16. Wishful thinking again? Think again!
tiki ,   belgium   (04.11.19)
All the predictions of this journalist have been wrong....and so is this one.

The right won a huge victory, Netanyahu won a huge victory.

When healthy.......4 more years is the only option!
17. Bulshit! Blue-White=ZionistUnion(24) + YeshAtid(11) =35
Tevye ,   Chelm   (04.11.19)
No Big Achievement of Ganz - who is nothing more than a puppet without any political experience , shoved forward by the pathetic left, just to achieve what they want, "RaLaB" - JNB , "Just Not Bibi". And the Blue White Party is the direct combination of 2 existing parties, Zionist Union who had last election 24 seats (Ganz just replaced Herzog), and Yesh Atid, who had 11 seats. So their combined total in the 20th Knesset was 35 seats. Thats exactly what they received now - however, if in the end the New Right is included, it might cost Ganz another 2 seats, so it would be even LESS than last elections. Clearly the author is trying to nitpick to find something bad out of something good ( Bibi's crushing victory ) - and something good out of something bad ( again, a defeat for the center-left).
18. "Certainly it was no victory"
Ron ,   Melbourne   (04.11.19)
Netanyahu is about to become the longest serving PM. After multiple win, the incumbent is at a disadvantage from voters fatigue. It is a great win. Only those so biased would view it otherwise.
Tuesday’s Election Results Could Very Well Be Catastrophic To Israeli Democracy . . .
20. Demand immediate end of hoax "investigation" against Bibi!
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.11.19)
The election is over and overall, the good guys and gals won. Now is the time for honest Israelis to rise up and demand the immediate end of the "hoax" investigation against Bibi, which is intended to overturn the results of Israeli elections.

This travesty has been going on practically Bibi's entire tenure as Prime Minister, at a cost of countless millions of shekels to hard pressed Israeli taxpayers. The results are puny gifts, like take out dinners, that everyone gives their friends and acquaintances. Enough is enough. End the hoax "investigations" NOW!
21. The writer is very biased against Bibi
Esther Thangjom Scho   (04.12.19)
Now that he is really forming the Govt since he had the majority , is the writer impressed that despite all the left GANGING up against Bibi - he still won ?
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