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An Arab NATO in the making
The Media Line
Published: 12.04.19, 13:31
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1. They left out an important player!
Koose e Mack ,   Great Satan   (04.12.19)
2. Arab NATO.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.12.19)
"islam" Arab NATO is= organized crime. All "islam" countries are rogue, criminal states, first against their own people and to the rest of the countries/peoples and humankind.
3. Wow, this must cause president Trump nightmares!
4. A very amusing idea & article:-)). Next: Arabs on the moon?
5. m
moishe   (04.14.19)
a bunch of losers. in no time they will 'stab each other in the back'. they sill will not really trust each other.
as usual for people of the 'religion of peace', they say one thing and do the opposite. they not only try to fool others but they are also good at fooling themselves. they live in a world of fantasies of the mind. makes them tolerate the harsh world they live in. this alliance will not be like NATO.
6. NATO States attempt to rewrite Hitletr s legacy
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (04.15.19)
NATO States are actively falcifying history of WW2, Holocaust. Israel is mostly mute on it, celebrates Papyros Victories over US's recognition of territories Israel annexed justifieably for it's own safety, disregarding of any recognition.

What can Israel expect from a unified Arab nation, lead by Anglo-Saxonian elite?

In historical perspective, nothing good.
7. Mr
hassan ,   qom   (06.18.19)
Its not the President Rouhani coddling Bashar Asad in the picture, its Iranian Leader Seyed Ali Khamenei
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