Netanyahu must heed the will of all the people
Limor Livnat
Published: 11.04.19, 23:05
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1. A big steaming pile of BS
David ,   New york   (04.12.19)
Do you think for a moment that Lapid and gantz would have asked for likud to come into a unity government with them??
Right now they are talking about how they are going to “resist”
Sorry, Charlie, the voters spoke
And they want a right wing government
2. Israel needs and wants patriotic rightist government
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.12.19)
Livnat wrote a reasonably good article until her ridiculous pitch for a national unity government. If you love Israel, you must totally reject this idea. There is absolutely nothing an honest person can say in favor of a unity government. Israel needs and wants a patriotic rightist government. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The right won a HUGE majority, if you subtract the MKs elected to openly hostile, anti-Israel Arab parties. A unity government would violate the wishes of the enormous majority of patriotic Israelis.
2. A unity government would reward the Deep State left for its hoax "investigations" against Bibi and other evil plots.
3. Had the destructive left won, I guarantee, there would be NO talk of a unity government.
3. Victor, the moon was a private enterprise...
another misguided big light show.
The billionaire who backed it would have done better by Israel had he spent all that money DIRECTLY on the failed Israeli Educational System.
4. Victor, Israel is united we all suffer the same fate...
when bombs fall and the Prime Minister approves more "protection money" from the Arab world to Gaza we are united in what that means for our country.
when the Knesset passes a special law to protect the sitting Prime Minister from prosecution in a court of law we will all be united in what that means for our country.
5. Israel has been Coca-colanized & Erdogan-ized by Netanyahu
What's next?
A new airplane for the Prime Minister
A new residence for the Prime Minister
An Israeli nation united and ready to be the Prime Minister's cannon fodder.
If it were any better we would be utterly and completely hysterical with happiness!
6. And add a hapless Junta of clueless amateurs to the mix?!!
7. Times of Teshuvah
Gavriel Rechov ,   Swingate, Kent UK   (04.12.19)
For historical Israel, SIN was always the cause of all kinds of terrible plagues and wretchedness. And because Israel sinned very grievously against G-d and all of His commandments daily for the past 25 years, and also did it blatantly and joyfully, their sufferings have been, and continue to be, as painful as purulent ulcers in their eyes, ears, mouth and genitals, each hole being devoured by worms.

Because of our many sins of thought, word and works --very especially our abominable works-- Israel to this day, except by its flag, seems more a sparse and divided land subjected to the despotic domination of the most cruel Gentile gangs.

The outcome of the 4/9 elections must be understood as the last opportunity that our Almighty LORD offers us to begin our Redemption. Just now, the moment is arrived to remember the words of one of our most inspired prophets:

"Return, O Israel, to the LORD your G-d, for you have stumbled in your iniquity. Take words with yourselves and return to the LORD. Say, 'You shall forgive all iniquity and teach us the good way, and let us render for bulls the offering of our lips.' " Hosea 14:2-3

In the overwhelming present circumstances, there is only a possible Unity Government: the unlimited and unconditional support of the opposition parties to all and each one of the political decisions of the Netanyahu's cabinet, taken in accordance with the goodwill of our great American friend, the President Trump.

That is the way!
8. how can you achieve unity?!
C   (04.12.19)
the elites, the ones who populate tel aviv and its suburbs, hate netanyahu.
these educated, cultured people, have spent years vilifying netanyahu and
painting him as a monster.
the others, the ones who live in towns like sderot, only want security.
they resent being ignored and being portrayed as primitives.
tel aviv and its elites must give some respect to those who want
security. democracy cannot survive under threat of annihilation.
9. To be a leader.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (04.13.19)
must have a clear vision to lead Israel into the future without corruption. The leader must manage his country to benefit and prosper the general population of Israel. Harping about past successful performances shows an unproductive leader. What is his future vision of Israel in the years ahead? What transparency is he committed to ensure there is no abuse of governmental powers? What gauges is he going to implement in the judicial system to ensure that governmental influence will not interfere with judicial powers?
10. Conditions for the right-wing government
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (04.13.19)
Haredim must commit to serve in the IDF and get off the welfare. Liberman must commit to stop flooding Israel with Russian gentiles and trying to undermine Shabbat observance. Unless these conditions are fulfilled the unity coalition is preferable.
11. Imagine suggesting US shared presidency,because “people have
spoken” and (as usual) the two candidates got a very similar number of votes.
This is nonsense
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