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3D laser imaging shines new light on 'Last Supper' site
Published: 13.04.19, 11:55
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1. OK, so...
Adele franklin ,   Haifa   (04.13.19) does this prove that Jesus Christ ever existed? We Jews are still waiting.
2. Old City slated 2 become a Disney property!
3. And buried near here !
4. Just the opposite.
אליהו קאן   (04.13.19)
Not a hint of the korban pesakh in any of this or a hint of a group of Judeans keeping the Khag. Who benefits from all the twisting of history?
5. This is marketing, just to atract tourists and
Ex Oleh Chadash   (04.14.19)
bring some money to the country.

Jesus deserves all our respect, remember he was a Jew too - site of Last Suppler is not important: his words are.
6. So then
Eli Lee ,   Bet Shemesh   (04.14.19)
a 900 yr old room built by the Crusaders is the actual site of a 2000 yr old supper. Does that make sense? This room did not exist at the time of this reported meal.
7. Austrian Academy of Sciences, trickers
Ex Oleh Chadash   (04.14.19)
Can you identify the ashes at Treblinka, Majdanek, etc? Maybe, the bones of the victims buried in Poland forests?
8. The Last Super
Tova   (05.13.19)
It is believed this is the site of the Last Supper in which Yeshua was honouring the Passover Sedar. Many things are being discovered in Israel and Jerusalem.

The important story is the Last Super and Yeshua. Many Israeli religious scholars study the whole Bible - from Genisis to Revealations. and agree
Yeshua is the Messiah and will return.
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