'Kosher' phones blocking sex abuse helplines
Attila Somfalvi, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 11.04.19, 21:31
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1. Time to drain the Orthodox swamp
sg ,   Teaneck   (04.11.19)
2. not surprised they support Malka Leifer
3. Equivalent to high ranking Catholics protecting priests
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.11.19)
Maybe they are protecting themselves. Something wrong with their ethics.
4. Of course they want to block calls
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (04.11.19)
They are low-life filth and we all know the reason for this.
5. rabbis gave orders.
Why block help nubers?
who does most of the sexual abuse?
Better let sexual abuse continue than to reveal the culprits.
6. maybe
shloime ,   toronto   (04.13.19)
maybe someone should explain to the rabbis what a “sex abuse hotline” is. they might be thinking that it’s another form of secular perversion like phone sex or something. or maybe they just blocked everything with “sex” in the name.
7. Henry from above: for you...
solomon ,   New York   (04.13.19)
Henry: Hogwash! Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, and died as a Jew. Interesting, that you "know" exaclty what God's Laws are and who is offending them.
Someone who "knows everything" actually knows nothing.
8. Blocking hotlines is....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (04.14.19)
a crime, just as blocking out a plea for aid after sexual harrassment. This matter must be brought to the high court making it a crime to any person or religious sect to interfere in the process of reporting a crime or in the process of rehabilitating the victim. If Israel is the most modern democracy in the middle east, then the Knesset must deliberate this motion in the assembly to safe guard the right of every Israeli to apply for any healing rehabilitation after a criminal assault.
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