Israeli election: With the final count in, who won and who lost?
Published: 14.04.19, 08:32
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1. We don't need crystal-ball diviners to tell us 2+2=4!
2. Shaked, Bennet, what were you thinking?
C   (04.14.19)
you were being selfish and arrogant.
next time, if there is a next time, think with your brain.
3. The friendly Reuters here
PermReader   (04.14.19)
The leftist media Jewish phenomenon is anti-market puzzle, that showes the "deep state" money behind it. The example of the anti-Jewish British Reuters article on the domestic theme shows your " Zionism" in reality,haha.
4. vote recount
alan   (04.14.19)
if recount shows new right getting into knesset, then without a doubt, judge melczer should be prosecuted and if found guilty, jailed for 1 year. one has to bend over backward to ensure fair voting.

let us wait and see the result of the recount.
5. Alan
Stan ,   Israel   (04.15.19)
I am waiting for your apology to the judge!
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