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One third of Americans do not believe six million Jews were murdered in Holocaust
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.04.19, 10:58
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1. Hardly a surprise as most Americans don't even
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.14.19)
Know the number of stars or stripes on their flag or why they are there in the first place- they are unable to correctly draw a map of the USA or name the state capitals.In a recent survey millenials were unable to name the capital city of over ten foreign countries or to place the said countries on a map of the globe so it should hardly come as a surprise when confronted with a something as colossal as the holocaust!
2. Not a surprise
Ardeth ,   US   (04.14.19)
Seriously, many in the US do not know where Canada is and the score goes lower, much lower, for many many cannot name the ten provinces.
This is something that is now, not 75 years ago. Plus, there are many vile pacifists so they of course wouldn't want to believe what took place regarding the holocaust!
3. What on earth would you expect from a country that voted for
Sallee Eriera ,   Haifa   (04.14.19)
Trump? Why would you expect them to have any intelligence whatsoever? Not only that, most of the amerikakakans that I met, when I had the misfortune to live there, have no clue what is going on outside their own state, in real time, why would it be surprising that they know nothing about the Holocaust?
4. Uneducated Dah!mericans r 2 lazy 2 learn independently
5. World History - Mostly Not Taught in HS
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (04.14.19)
World history is not part of the High School Curriculum in large parts of the US.
11th Grade is American History.
12th Grade is US Government.
World History is an optional course in some school districts and a few states. About a third of the US uses the New York Curriculum and textbooks. About half the US uses the Texas Curriculum and textbooks, and the rest use the California Curriculum and textbooks.
6. It shows at least TWO things:1-we assume we're world's navel
2-average Americans are not so well educated as we (never) thought they were :-)
7. Holocaust Education
Moshe kapoier   (04.14.19)
All this Holocaust education is a waste of time. No one is interested in someone else's suffering. This is not the way to perpetuate the Jewish people.
Only continuing proudly in our heritage will ensure our continuation.
As Mark Twain said, The Jews have a secret that enables their survival beyond every other nTion.
And it ain't Holocaust Education folks!
8. I am a Holocaust survivor and do not really care about such
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (04.14.19)
"news" being headlined. By belaboring the subject we tire out people and they "tune us out". Instead let us celebrate and share our survival and rebirth with those who care. So what if it is not everybody?
9. All a bunch of ignorant AOC’s
David ,   New york   (04.14.19)
10. Remember
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.14.19)
when George Bush jr. was president, he didnt know where Pakistan was!!
11. and how many Israelis really care
12. Jimmy Kimmel!s on the street interview
Arnie ,   Montreal   (04.14.19)
Americans are asked questions about their own history and gave no idea or they are given a non existent news bit and ask to comment . They bake up stories as if they were there or saw it on TV.
Quite hilarious so I can understand how the Holocaust is not on their radar.
13. m
moishe   (04.14.19)
one third of Americans are undereducated and under informed and they voted for Trump. sign of a declining great power.
14. Why the Trump bashing?
DSM ,   USA   (04.14.19)
Trump has done more for Israel and Jews in general than any other American President.

America's schools and colleges are loaded with teachers and professors, many of them Jews, who despise Israel and are more interested in teaching their students to be social justice warriors first and foremost. Kids are graduating with big debt, and few job skills and their heads filled with a love for Palestinians and hatred for Israel. Very sad.
15. Oh now apparently its Trumps fault Americans are illiterate!
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.14.19)
Shameful that an article about such a painful event in Jewish and world history should be used as a dig against Trump.Up right there with democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar's remark "some people did something" with reference to 9/11!
if these people had brains they would be intelligent.
16. Captives of history we are not
Cameron   (04.14.19)
The Yankee folk have no interest in brooding & fixating over the dead past.

That baggage & burden is for others to drag down the road.

17. me too, I don't believe six million Jews were murdered.
Ex Oleh Chadash   (04.14.19)
I believe MORE than six million Jews were murdered.

Start doing researches in the archives throughout all Poland, Hungary, etc- Yad Vashem HAS NOT the names of all victims.

and not all stories have been documented. Once, an Auschwitz survivor told me he saw children, babies being run over by German soldiers; the Germans put the children on a firing wall and hit the truck on top of them, the Germans crushed the children on the wall and had fun doing it. I never read about this at any book - however, a survivor told me. He was there.

Another survivor told us: the Germans trained their German shepherds to kill: on hearing the word Jude, the dogs attacked babies, children, killed and ate them. She was there.

I'm not fond of Germans, even today. I have never visited that country. Neither Germany nor Austria.
18. and why should they care
Israel   (04.14.19)
This is our obsession. Why should they know about the Holocaust? The world has seen bigger tragedies than that.
19. But these MORONS know ALL characters from the last Batman
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.14.19)
movie...WOW !
20. I have always been curious to know:
Ex Oleh Chadash   (04.14.19)
During the war, were Bayer shares on the NYSE? How much did they cost? Has any historian ever researched this? They produced Zyklon-B.

How about Mannesman? They produced the steel doors for gas chambers, didn't they?

History of Germany is putrid. It is no good to sweep the dirt under the carpet, sooner or later the truth appears.
21. Maybe US Jews should sort out their own problems first.
22. Sounds about right.
RP   (04.15.19)
I met several folks who adamantly deny the Holocaust. I was roommates with a guy who refused to visit the Ann Frank museum because “I’m a Kraut”
23. 12 million Christians were slaughtered in theWWII camps, too
Rivkah   (04.16.19)
in addition to 6 million Jews. Jews ask, Where were the Christians when the Jews were being slaughtered in Hitler's camps? There were there, being slaughtered, too, and fighting to free the camps. 58 million people died in WWII. Far more will die in WWIII.
24. 40 ghettos?
Mark ,   London   (04.16.19)
There were a lot more than 40 ghettos across Europe.
25. Christian
frank Graves ,   Kilmichael, Ms. 3974   (04.18.19)

The USA has a gazillion photographs of it. The horrors were so great. The supreme allied commander, General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered it to be well documented.

26. Holocaust denial
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (04.18.19)
Just as many if not more also believe that the earth was created by a deity and is no more than 10 thousand years old...go figure.
Idiocy and ignorance go hand in hand.
27. WW2
Justin Taua   (04.23.19)
They still believe that the US won WW2 and not the Soviet Union.
Edit or delete this
28. Damm Skrait
Satty ,   Atlanta   (04.23.19)
U damm skrait dey wasnt coz real jews???

Diz wuz juz anotha Yt on Yt crime xD
29. ghetto
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (04.26.19)
the average 30 yr old american is not taught world history in high school they only know what is called black ghettos i have told african americans jewish ghetto = the grim reaper is at the gate
oleg ,   florida   (04.27.19)
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