IDF nixes plans to integrate women in tank combat positions
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 14.04.19, 13:08
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1. Keep the men in fatigues, women in lingerie. Best bet.
That Sorta Snark ,   Gay Paree   (04.15.19)
2. Not a good idea
David ,   New york   (04.15.19)
While I appreciate these young women’s commitment and effort,
I don’t believe it is a good idea to have women in combat roles.
I don’t believe any society would be able to tolerate a significant number or young women being killed, maimed, captured etc.
It will weaken the public’s resolve in fighting a war, even if they are able to fight to the same level as a man, which is a separate question, and involves more than being able to lift objects and shoot. It also involves willingness to die.
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