Israeli delegation cancels visit to Bahrain after outcry
Published: 14.04.19, 17:55
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1. Iranian pressure & money...
Rafi ,   US   (04.14.19)
2. Wishful thinking of Israelis blinds them again
ab   (04.14.19)
3. All we have to do is make sure the cult of Islam stays put
in the desert, with their beloved camels & goats.
What the heck have they in common with entrepreneurship / progress or anything even remotely resembling 21-st Century??!!
Really, people!
4. what else is new
harold   (04.14.19)
lapid's regional ideas with separation belong in the garbage dump. this arrogant osloist follows in the footsteps of security ignoramus we are tired of fighting and winning olmert-who never fought in combat. no arab country in its heart will side with israel publically.

only and independent kurdistan would do so.
5. ramon and labour party
joe   (04.14.19)
ramon who i normally disagree with totally as he runs for the hills with concessions at the first sign of blood, wrote a piece worthy of some comment.

he says labour is basically finished. contrary to the official line, gabbay had some good qualities except on security. he like most of labor is blinded by what hamas really wants-not a state but the removal of israel. they could live under syrian rule with a third world economy so long as there is no israel.

so living in part of the land to preserve Jewish nationhood does not work since hamas will not stop with their own mini-state. they want tel aviv. you can add hamastan on the west bank to see how terror would be difficult to control since it would be coming from all directions.

until labour remodels their plans into a 2 state arab in part of jordan or sinai and israel with the jordan valley,, everything else will not achieve anything.

jordan has to be brought into the discussions since its land was for Israel and its inhabitants, not for a Bedouin king.

israe;s should lay claim to the israeli provinces of gad, menassah and reuben on the east bank . and it has a good claim. it should also underline that any attack will see the attacker lose the land from which he attacks which will then become soverign israel.
6. Tamas Somlai
Stan ,   Israel   (04.15.19)
Why didn't you read what is written???? "........strong opposition to Israeli rule over Palestinians" WHEN WILL YOU ALL STOP CALLING OPPOSITION TO OCCUPATION ANTI-SEMITISM ?????
7. Bahrain and Israel.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.15.19)
To hell with the "islam" world caliphate, including Bahrain and their apartheid ideology/policy. WHEN WILL THEIR CRIMES END? Israel has done it"s best and has the right of support from any country, to exist and to survive, no matter how
8. Unnecessary
Yossi Friedman   (04.15.19)
We don't need anyone
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.16.19)
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