Israelis who invest in US will soon be eligible for a visa
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.04.19, 19:35
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1. A fair & balanced arrangement
Cameron   (04.14.19)
Act in a manner that works to our clear benefit and one will then be permitted to reside in our lands for X amount of time.

Exceedingly reasonable.
2. Brain drain
Maybe it's time for the freeloaders (religious parties and settlers) to understand that the productive sector in Israel is tired of being suckers and will move to greener pastures.
3. Investors Opportunity
Alfred ,   New York   (04.26.19)
Investors will really have the opportunity to stay and even work in US since they'll get the EB-5 visa.
4. m
moishe   (04.27.19)
expect a mass 'exodus'. ultra orthodox will enjoy imposing new kashruth rules to make life more miserable for the majority still left in the country.
5. Who want‘s to invest when the economy is going down?
Rich ,   Toronto   (04.28.19)
Every maor city in the US is broke. And most of the East coast will be under water fom sea level rise over the next 81 years. Not a good long-term investment.
6. Anyone With An Idea And A Little Cash Will Leave
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.14.19)
Face you'd get a visa too if you had the chance. The end result will be a career in the army or poor Israelis cleaning Tel Aviv condos for rich American Jews. Pushy spoiled tourists will come over for a month in the summer and then it's back to NYC or LA and brag about their time in the homeland of their relatives 2,000 years ago . And then too Russian criminals will have their hideout in Israel. When Interpol goes looking they'll head to Israel make a few donations and give the PM some campaign contributions.
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