Growing up under threat of rockets, teens speak out as they prepare for military service
Matan Tzuri
Published: 15.04.19, 13:47
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Lee ,   Florida   (04.15.19)
You must change your thinking to have change. A vote for Gantz, a centrist and your previous Ramat Cal would’ve been an excellent choice. But- you were all fearful and didn’t take a chance. You know “your Hell” with Bibi and because of your vote, you will continue to receive the same Hell.
2. And you wonder why the left is toast..
Al   (04.15.19)
Rabin maybe a hero to the chattering classes but to the new generation he is nothing of the sort.
3. And where is Aviv Geffen these days?
Lee's House ,   Levis, Florida   (04.16.19)
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