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Breakthrough in medicine: Israeli researchers print live heart
Rotem Elizera
Published: 15.04.19, 14:45
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1. next nobel price
simon ,   new york   (04.15.19)
The next nobelprice for medecine goes to...

2. Monster Frankenstein Israel will Die for Crimes in Palistine
3. heart
לורן קדם ,   Israel   (04.15.19)
BDS , eat your heart out.
4. Wonderful news!
Sharon   (04.15.19)
5. Jews Creating Medical Breakthroughs; Muslims Creating Chaos
Ibrahim ,   New York   (04.15.19)
This is always the case.
6. I dont think so.
Adie ,   nevada   (04.15.19)
I bet it is stolen tech/knowledge, they are not clever enough to invents things themselves. They have plants in patent offices and steal other people inventions and glory!!
7. Wow, feel the envy reading these comments...
Debbie ,   Dallas   (04.15.19)
Comments from traditional Jew-haters focusing primarily on how Israelis "stole" this technology, or, how they'll still 'pay for what they did." How cringy.

When you can't keep up with civilization, the most you can do is make snarky remarks while slowly drowning in the cesspit you've created yourself. LOL.
8. You deserve tons of Nobel prizes, congratulations!
Ex Oleh Chadash   (04.16.19)
Mazal Tov!

Just one question: if people don't die, the earth will be super populated in the future. It will be necessary to colonize other planets.
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