Palestinian PM: U.S. waging ‘financial war’ on us, Trump peace plan widely rejected
Associated Press
Published: 17.04.19, 16:27
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1. Yes, Israel should remove funds from taxes for the PA.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.17.19)
As this idiot stated: "the payments are a national duty to families affected by decades of violence."

Hello? The 'decades of violence' are brought on by Arab terrorism! Had the Arabs simply said to themselves, 'I won't blow up a bus today' or 'I won't stab some random Jew today' or 'I won't break into a home and slaughter the entire family while they're sleeping' today, Arabs in Israel would feel like regular citizens and BE regular citizens.

But no, Arab 'leadership' wants the world to give them more money and keep the 'resistance' alive to further enrich themselves. They want to turn Judea and Samaria into Gaza and Israel will not allow that.

It's really hard to see how anyone is 'waging a financial war' on the 'Palestinians' when over these last 50 years, the world has GIVEN more to these couple million Arabs than was given to tens of millions of people to rebuild Europe by the Marshall Plan!

Did you get that? These Arabs have fleeced the western countries of billions of dollars and have NOTHING to show for it. To make matters even more interesting, the rich arab oil countries have given almost NOTHING!

The west must say no to any more jizya. If the Arabs want money, they can look to their rich brothers for it.

The PA is not elected, it's just a club of Abbas ass-kissers, all looking out for themselves.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that a state of Palestine cannot exist on its own. No resources, no talent, no initiative, no leadership.

If the world would stop throwing money at these jerks, they would soon have to buckle down and find work. And while you're working, you don't have time to be blowing up cafes and school busses.

Maybe if PA leadership tried getting Arabs employment, instead of offering up incitement, the decades of violence would finally come to an end.
2. There is no ...
leo ,   usa   (04.17.19)
... pleasing these guys. Should Israel even care?
3. Pal 2 state solution is a fraud. It's 2 Pal states
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.17.19)
If Palestinians don't come out soon with 2 state solution that includes Jewish state then Israel should annex Jewish settlements and put an end to any 2 state solution. Palestinians can be sure there will be no one state solution. There will be Israel with annexed settlements. Israel controls the territory not the UN, EU, Western Media, Arab League or anyone else.
4. So:an Arab trying to occupy Land of Israel doesn’t like Mr.
What a gall....
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.18.19)
Wil start and they end up handing it over to ISIS or Mullah Shia ISIS. They have no power to really manage the land. There is no unity or nationalism with the PALIS. The strongest amongst them will end up ruling by force since every tribe there wants to be the ruler. Look at Iran. The country’s economy has been divided between bunch of tribes’ like families. The infighting has already begun and we all see the total mismanagement of everything there. The same will happen in any future Palihood.
6. be immensely grateful it is only a financial war
C   (04.18.19)
it could be much worse.
it could be a real war and you do not even have a stealth plane.
the children are starving and the women are prostitutided.
you have no shame when you sacrifice your children for land
that does not even belong to you. you sacrifice children for dirt.
you are a people without heart.
7. The Christchurch massacre
Me   (04.18.19)
In 2 mosques in New Zealand. 50 worshippers dead. We raised $10million for the families of the victims. Donations came from all over the world including from Jewish organisations from around the world.
Here is the twist: the money was entrusted to a Muslim manager. The families cry on TV for not being able to pay the mortgage on their house. I turned to my wife and said: I think the money is already in a swiss bank account. This is how the Palis run their economy.
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