Bennett and Shaked might be down, but they are not out
Moran Azoulay
Published: 17.04.19, 23:26
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FO ,   Belgium   (04.18.19)
The 23.02.19 I wrote the following: Mrs. Shaked, do you to succeed in the coming elections? Cease to consider the so called "West-Bank" as "disputed territories" as you did in an interview by Al Jazeera. I suppose you never read Jabotinsky's article "The Ethics of the Iron Wall". And you, Mr. Naftaly Bennett ceas to brandish a coin of the Second Temple trying to convince e.g. Christiane Amampour or others about Israel's rightfulness. It is five minutes before midnight! Both of you, disclose in full urgency Israel's rights in International Law, valid to this day, based on the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 (the definition of the "A Class Mandates), the San Remo Conference of 1920, the League of Nations' Palestine Mandate of 1922, and Article 80 of the in 1945 created United Nations Charter. Just a reminder, Article 80 reaffirming ALL League of Nations' resolutions was introduced in the UN Charter by among another few people, Benzion Netanyahu, the actual PM' father. Article 80 and the power of Res Judicata, renders ALL UNGA and UNSC anti-Israel resolutions null and void. Ever heard B. Netanyahu pronouncing Article 80. NEVER! Neither both of you, Mr. Shaked and Mr. Bennett!!! Staying mute about UN Charter Article 80, is a betrayal of the Jewish people and the State of Israel! You went to the elections without presenting something new to attract the public. Would you both have followed my advice, you would perhaps have reached even a double digit result as you hoped for Mrs. Shaked.... HAVAL!
2. Shaked will be PM one day
Mm   (04.18.19)
Hopefully anyway
3. Undone by their own hubris aided by their own blockage %
Yes indeed both of them voted in favor of raising the blockage percentage reqiured to enter the knesset because they thought they were above all that and could afford to block smaller parties...then they got what they deserved hoisted by their own petard!
4. Both of them thought they were the best thing
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.18.19)
Since sliced bread.Politicians confirm the saying "no one is indispensable".
At best they might fulfill a percentage of the promises at worst they fill an already overcrowded penal system.
Shaked and Bennett gambled and lost.Why should any political party offer them a place?A few years down the line no one will even think about them.
5. The Best Have Fallen
Yisrael of Jerusalem   (04.18.19)
My admiration for these 2 is boundless. They were done in by too many of their supporters, figuring there was no problem, rushing in to support Bibi out of fear that the lightweight Benny might be asked to form the government. Just 1400 votes ! Oy !
6. National tragedy 2 Treasures lost Shame on voters !
UngratefulIsraelis ,   Jerusalem   (04.18.19)
7. Does the author have anything to say?
Jason ,   Tel Aviv   (04.20.19)
Am I the only one that feels short chained? The author claims in dramatic way: well placed to stage a dramatic comeback.. then finishes with a weak maybe they will maybe they won't. If there was any integrity to this an argument would be made to that effect, not a wasteful observation of past activity.
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