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Israel will win any conflict against enemies to the north, says departing IDF commander
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 18.04.19, 14:23
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1. Tired of faking that Hezbullah has 100K fake missiles.
The whole world combined does not have even a small fraction of that amount of missiles.
2. Where to find Hezbollah
Ralph   (04.18.19)
It is easy to find all key Hezbollah targets. Hezbollah targets are located in schools, hospitals, mosques, and UN facilities. Remember where to strike when Hezbollah sends your wife and kids to the shelters.
3. Israel and it"s enemies
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.18.19)
In this case, to begin with, Israel has enemies within it"s country, the/a 5th. column, "islam" Israëli Arabs. In the north with Lebanon, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. And in the south, with the Gaza Strip, hamas, islamic jihad, fatah and plo, at this moment. They all belong to the barbaric "islam" world caliphate. They all want the destruction of the Jewish, Israëli people, Israel and the rest of the free world. When being threatened and attacked, Israel and the rest of the free world have the right of self-defense, for example,in the case, of what happened in New York City on 9/11. Even if all the "islam" criminals, almost 2 billion, I want to make an exception for children, if possible. They are not guilty/responsible for the crime/crimes of their parents and other grown ups, must pay the ultimate price, the death penalty/capitalpunishment. For this there must be a very good reason, to serve humankind. Any 'islam" criminal, almost 2 billion, can choose, stay "islam" criminal, with all consequences and repercussions, or to end/abolish the "islam" criminal ideology and become a normal, decent human being/person and adapt and participate with the rest of the human worldpopulation. Children must learn to live a normal and decent live. Italy, Germany and Japan also had such a choice at the end of world war 2, in 1945, to stay rogue and criminal states or to become normal and decent states. In some cases needed force was also used, to punish those countries for their crimes. If Italy, Germany and Japan stayed criminal states and committed much war crimes, then more nuclear weapons, from the Allied Forces were used against them and if needed, those 3 countries would have been destroyed completely, with no survivors. Roosevelt/Truman, Churchill and Stalin wanted to end the second world war as soon as possible, or right away, no matter how and at any costs. It is the intention that Israel and the rest of the free world can defeat their criminal enemies entirely, if necessary.
4. Not nice: you make fool out of Vlad! He thinks he’s Big!
5. Iran and Hezbollah setting in Syria
Adolf ,   Suva   (04.19.19)
Was in Lebanon recently inoil and gas exploration assignment and can see can see that Hezbollah have lot of control in the government there,talking to some of its members their opinion is that they are preparing for a confrontation with Israel and that's why they need (both Iran and Hezbollah) to have the bases and manufacturing facilities in Syria and Lebanon
6. m
moishe   (04.19.19)
pity that Israel has to fight neighbors rather than trade and cooperate in peace. Arab states do not function well and its people suffer low standard of living. and it is not Israels fault.
7. m
moishe   (04.19.19)
win a battle but maybe not a war in the future. history of Israel. sad but true.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.23.19)
Iran’s a time bomb now. The mullahs becoming divided. Israel should prepare both sides to start killing one another and then take care of the victor with a nice last punch. Iranian army was no where to be seen with all flood that is going on now. The mullahs are stretched out in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. It is perfect timing to deliver the final punch. .
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