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Trump tried to seize control of Mueller probe, report says
Published: 18.04.19, 18:14
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1. The King grinned & went to Palm Springs to play golf
Cameron   (04.18.19)
2. The Dems are a livid nerve-wreck by this time, soon they'll
3. How could Trump seize control when control was in Meuller's
C   (04.22.19)

did trump talk too much or did meuller keep too quiet.

what is certain is that the social democrats cannot keep their mouths
shut for even one day.
4. Fake from the beginning
PermReader   (04.22.19)
Anti-Trump,anti-semitic Reuters` fake sensation, as Trump,like all informed people,new the false collusion tool in Dems war for Hillary election. This false accusation for 2 years(!) prevents the normal life. Trump has all rights to stop the dishonest compaign from the beginning.
5. Trump & GOP thugs are a disaster for US, it's Constitution
Rafi ,   US   (04.22.19)
The IMPARTIAL, neutral Mueller Report documents for all to see what a lying, self-centered individual Trump is...

So why would you stick with such a loser? because Al Capone is a "friend of Israel"?
6. 'Trump tried to seize control of Mueller probe'
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (04.27.19)
And I also hear the Pope is Catholic.
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