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Is there a way ahead for two-state solution?
Associated Press
Published: 21.04.19, 23:38
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1. Only those who want IL euthenazed favour 2 state final solut
Alan ,   SA   (04.22.19)
For example EU Abbas and Co and many others. If ever a two state solution is implemented (which I doubt) Israel will be completely destroyed within a decade or so.
2. Pals reject 1 or 2 state solution with Jews in it.
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.22.19)
Palestinians reject a 1 or 2 state solution with Jews in it. (survey of Palestinians, Washington Institute). Palestinians demand an UNLIMITED right of return into the Jewish state in order to put an end to it. The 2 state solution is dead as a dodo bird and Jews won't accept anything that leaves them without a large Jewish majority, so the 1 state solution is out.There will be the status quo with or without annexations. Other than truces there is no resolution to the conflict.
3. To Cynthia
Stan ,   Israel   (04.22.19)
Your comment is well written, but it is inaccurate.
1. You completely ignore the 2 million Arabs living in a cage called Gaza. Just as people have to feed and look after a bird in a cage, unfortunately Israel has to supply all Gaza's needs.
2. Despite the continued immigration of tens of thousands of Jews every year, the percentage of Arabs in Israel's population continues to grow. It used to be less than 20% it's now more than 21%.
4. "The Arab population growing faster"....errrr not really
Jake   (04.22.19)
Other than the Gaza Strip (which is not under Israeli control), the Arab population is not growing faster than the Jewish population, and the Arab growth rate is falling.
The PA population figures have been repeatedly shown to be fraudulent.
Moreover, no one is proposing annexing Areas A and B to Israel, only Area C, with its 90% Jewish majority.
The Left, however, isn't interested in creating a palestinian state in order to preserve a Jewish one. The Left strenuously opposed the Jewish Nation State Law tooth and nail.
5. Is there a way ahead for two-state solution?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.22.19)
In a word..YES

So how do you create ONE UNIFIED CONTIGUOUS VIABLE Palestinian State alongside Israel within mutually secure borders?

There must be ONE Palestinian state that works for ALL Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank and beyond
A 'two part' Palestine in Gaza and West Bank connected by a motorway through Israel is NOT economically, socially, practically VIABLE
Up to 80% of Palestinian natural resources are in Gaza. From coastal tourism, ports, fishing, offshore oil and gas, desalination potential, gateway to Magreb and Saudi Peninsula as well as being a centre for Islamic Pilgrimage a place where the prophet drew inspiration to found Islam. Gazas resources belong to all Palestinians
For a comprehensive settlement you cannot possibly have one set of Palestinians in Gaza still in conflict while the other set of Palestinians in the West Bank at peace..This half war half peace'''is half baked
The Solution
The visionary 1999 Palestinian PEG Plan which advocates a VIABLE UNIFIED CONTIGUOUS Palestinian State in an expanded Gaza created from land transfers, purchases and swaps remains by far and away the ULTIMATE solution toward a prosperous and thriving Palestinian state

But for a visionary PLAN we need visionary LEADERS
6. ADL wrote letter to Trump
along with other Jewish organizations. About time. He is contributing to the rise in anti-semitism in the opinion of many, with his right wing neo nazi nationalist supporters, the likes of Charlottesville "fine people on both sides" and the Pittsburgh masacre.

No 2 state solution, money to Israel should be reduced. The settlement expansion in West Bank should not have been allowed to expand unchecked.

It was a lie, the 2 state solution on Israels part in recent years.

At my Seder an olive branch wss on the Seder plate.

Israel was created as Jewish and Democratic.
7. splitting the land
Yardena   (04.23.19)
Everyone I am sure is weary of reading time and time again the idea of a Imaginary 2 state solution or face apartheid!! That's stupid talking.
Just think back to prior to 1967, who governed "west bank"?
Palestinians? well, that name didn't exist then..!
They were Jordanian citizens as Israel conquered west bank from Jordan who went to war and lost! now to make it simple, we can give that midge king out there in Jordan a ultimatum, take back your citizens and give them full citizenship! gaza is all Egyptians! Wake up world.
Israel doesn't owe these folks anything whatsoever and please don't start getting soft in the head about it
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.25.19)
This 2 state solution game. They just want to slow the Israel progress as much as they can while just waiting around to one day admitting that it is a dead idea. PALIS can’t provide security and basic economy for the inhabitants. They are not a real nation and they do not act like one either. WB to JORDAN and GAZA to EGYPT like he used to be before wars.

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