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Who do you think you are?
Itay Ilnai
Published: 22.04.19, 23:02
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1. Proves Palestinians are Native to Levant, Ashkenazi are not
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (04.23.19)
Maybe the next Peace Plan should take into account DNA.

2. And who do you think you are...
David   (04.23.19)
It's a shame that ynet chose to unscrupulously promote the research of Eran Elhaik, a controversial figure who has previously lent support to the "Khazar" hypothesis, and called those who disagree with his theories "Nazi sympathizers." Evidently his ideas about population genetics are not universally shared. Some notably divergent evidence is presented in Nature papers by Doron Behar, Lauri Saag, et al.
3. Elhaik is a pseudo scientist who came up with Khazar hoax
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.23.19)
4. Shlomo Sand was correct
AnObserver ,   Oaxaca   (04.23.19)
It tells us that the Palestinians are the original Jews, and that the Ashkenazis are converts.
5. Dr. Eran Elhaik is a proven fraud and scam-artist.
Jake   (04.22.19)
6. "Dr." Elhaik is an imposter and master of falsification
Gene   (04.23.19)
7. indians
Judy   (04.23.19)
To the writer: calling the Native Americans, or indigenous peoples- Indians seems not only politically incorrect , but also misleading, confusing and just dumb.

8. This test is inaccurate
AS ,   New York   (04.23.19)
This test, like most Elhaik's work, is wildly inaccurate and should not be taken seriously. For one, the population of the Levant changed dramatically between the Neolithic period and Bronze Age, when the Israelites emerged. Ancient Israelites would've been, at most, about 25% descended from Neolithic Levantines.

Yemenite Jews are indistinguishable from Yemenite Muslims. European, North African, Syrian, and Mizrahi (Iraqi, Iranian, etc) Jews are all distinct from their neighbors and share significant Levantine ancestry at around 30-50%. Elhaik has been famously trying to promote false narratives for political and racist purposes. And his work has been appropriately refuted and dismissed by all serious geneticists. This is little more than a money-making gimmick with no serious scientific merit.
9. actually many, many Stone Age Israelis can still be found
Rafi ,   US   (04.23.19)
They're behind vehicle wheels, driving the roadways...
10. YES! You are related, AND those were JEWS in ancient Arizona
Robert Bl;um ,   New Albany   (04.23.19)
In 1969 the Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and The Record American (Boston newspaper as well), splashed a story on the front page, which stated that a previously undeciphered language on a coin in the Smithsonian Institute, a coin found in an ancient burial mound in Arizona, was thousands of years old and belonged to ancient Phonician Hebrews. So that it was in fact the JEWS who discovered America, as per the newspaper article, albeit, other ancient people were here 20, 000 years ago.
11. That is so cool!
Shlomo   (04.23.19)
I have been waiting for years for something like this. I took the Genographic test, and several STRs, but this is what I hoped someone will make one day
12. I want me one of those!
nu kvar ,   I   (04.23.19)
god its scary
13. Paqid
Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (04.23.19)
"Comments including context violating Ynetnews’s terms of service are not allowed. Including incitement, slander..." Ynet doesn't recognize slander in an anonymous commenter offering no qualifications and with no documentation libeling the author's work as "wildly inaccurate and should not be taken seriously"? Seriously, ynet? Apply your standard consistently and remove the above comment.
14. This is the same Eran Elhaik who classified Yiddish
as a Slavo-Turko-Iranian language, instead of the Germanic language that it clearly is, in a failed bid to discredit the out-of-Rhineland origin of Ashkenazi Jewry and posit a Khazar theory. His genetic tools and models have also been discredited.
Among serious geneticists, linguists, and anthropologists Elhaik has the earned the reputation of being something of a "snake oil salesman ".
15. 38.4% is a hell of a large correlation
Jake   (04.23.19)
between a Chalcolithic resident of Israel and a modern Ashkenazi Jew.
Eran Elhaik appears to disregard his own results in order to force through his preconceived conclusions about Ashkenazi origins.
16. Typo
AS ,   USA   (04.23.19)
I wish this was accurate. I was actually impressed at first, but it's a typo. The Hebrew version has 3.84%, which is why the author claims that his "Viking" ancestry is higher than his "Israelite" ancestry.

Natufians, which Elhaik uses as "Israelites," lived in the Levant thousands of years before Israelites appeared, and the Levant underwent a number of massive population changes during this time. It would be like using the Cheddar Man from England to know whether someone is descended from Normans. Virtually meaningless.
17. Paqid
Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (04.24.19)
I don't have a pony in the race about Khazars and such. But, so far, all I see are anonymous trolls with no documentation. That's Fake News and slander. Identify yourselves and your scholarly and scientific credentials along with the documentation. I do know that the genetic / DNA "identity" of Jews is not only total BS--given the erev rav from Egypt and countless converts ever since--the DNA argument is 100% racist and an offshoot backlash from Hitler's Nazi definition and the Shoah. Ynet chose not to publish that, and probably won't publish this either. Jews are the People of the B'rit, which is in the Tanakh; i.e. the People of the Tanakh; Tanakh-centric.
18. So all Arabs can live in Israel
Mosh   (04.26.19)
or what do you want to say with such stupid things?
19. Israelis who lived from the Stone Age until biblical times
ex Oleh Chadash   (04.28.19)
I was told Hebrew people started from Avraham Avinu, who came from Iraq. He was an oleh chadash too.

Religion from Moses.

There were no Israelis in the Stone Age. We are all Human kind, some people are completely paranoid about ancestry. It does not matter. Why does Torah start with the letter beit? You know.
20. GEDmatch
AS ,   USA   (04.29.19)
Ever hear of GEDmatch? Go take a commercial test or find an Ashkenazi Jew to take a commercial test. Upload to GEDmatch. Look at the results. It's free and easy.
21. If I am an arab
me   (05.02.19)
I still need to fast on Yom Kippur? We were sitting in Spain, minding our business. Isabella exiled us and Morocco opened the doors for us. Although we never felt at home, we tried to have some sort of compromise between who we were as exiled jews and where we lived. Then modern day passports were issued and it clearly state place of birth Morocco. So now whenever I travel on my NZ passport I am being pulled aside for a "confidential" conversation. How did I turn from a Spanish Jew who can trace the graves of my ancestors to Gerona and transformed into an Arab?
22. Who do you think you are?
me   (05.02.19)
You are a product of the environement. Air, atmosphere, sea and sand make up your DNA. Otherwise how do you turn from an exiled jew into an arab jew, just by residing in arab countries. Following that same theory did Askekenazi jews tuned into Christian jews? Or perhaps the term arab jew is just a derogatory racist expression to emphasize inferiority? Dig a bit and you'll find out that all Jews are related regardless of in which country they sought refuge.
23. we got it, you work for them, enough already.
ok   (05.09.19)
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