Palestinian teen: Israel shot me handcuffed and blindfolded
Associated Press
Published: 22.04.19, 19:06
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1. What sick parent send his son to throw stones at people?
Davcid ,   New york   (04.22.19)
The state should take custody of such teenagers and give them proper re-education
2. all this yelling
fadi ,   beirut   (04.22.19)
as this video shows and countless others, israel cannot control a hole civilian population of 3 million people forever, sane people have to rise up and say enough of this hatred. peace is the only way forward.
3. Gazans proficient at Fake News....
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.22.19)
4. "merely present at a funeral" Arabs think everyone stupid
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.22.19)
like them
5. Total Honor to B'Zelem
Father is right.... only a sicko would shoot a blindfolded boy. All the Hasbara in the workd just isn't working anymore. Shame, truly.
6. Palestinian" Teens" injure dozens with rocks regurarly there
Murderous"Teens" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.23.19)
causing bodily injury and death to Jewish men women and children
with their deadly rocks and Molotov Cocktails by all means lets feel sympathy for him and not ask how many times he tried to kill Jewish civilians with his
rocks and lethal fire c'mon Post Zionist Media lets hear your protests whaa whaa ...
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