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Polish church condemns beating of Jewish effigy in Poland
Associated Press
Published: 22.04.19, 21:58
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1. And so clever of Israel to supply these Medieval people with
ab   (04.22.19)
missile technology ....
2. Poland again
Jean-Pierre ,   Holon   (04.22.19)
Here you go. Don't blame the Nazis this time.
3. Someone please tell these idiots that Jesus was jewish....
Kiper ,   Costa Rica   (04.22.19)
So I guess its official now, average IQ in Poland is beneath that of a used coconut....Burning of the Jew to celebrate the death of another Jew? So................can someone please inform these ultra religious Catholics that Jeses, the big man himself, was also a Jew......please....someone....
4. Solution
RichInBoston ,   Boston   (04.23.19)
IAF should do a fly over and drop a couple. No loss to humanity.
5. m
moishe   (04.23.19)
would they do the same to Jesus the Jew if he came back to Poland to 'save' these sick people?????
6. anti-Semitism in Poland
The poles are well known antisemites. They did not need the nnazis. All jews who go to poland are both bad and stupid. They do not hide their hate for the jews. We should notbhonthere and give them our money. And wevsee thst the countries who were bad to the jews have remained primitive. Only Germany who asked for forgiveness and also are osying koney are successful.
7. anti-Polish feeling in Israel.
ex Oleh Chadash   (04.23.19)
but a lot of people are in the waiting line for a paszport, so that they can open the doors of Europe...
8. the good is that... Nostra Aetate.
ex Oleh Chadash   (04.24.19)
just one man is beating the effigy, as we can see in the photos.

Here in my country, all people that go to this "tradition" beat the effigy.

Poland is better and improving. Not so bad.
9. if it has the resources, it's a great opportunity for Mossad
Rafi ,   US   (04.24.19)
to pay the gentleman with the stick a visit...
10. this is not antisemitic ritual "Beating the Jew"
Polak   (04.25.19)
this is beating Judasz, the traitor of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
You are so paranoid, so you see Anti-Semitisme everywhere.Let this people have fun, it's just an effigy. We respect Jewish people.
11. they are beating Judas because they don't know
the ulpan teachers at Raanana.

if they were pounding on an Argentine little teacher that teaches Hebrew (very bad) there.... lol. it would be very deserved.
12. all the posters below, do they realize they are...
ofer desade ,   tel jerusalem   (04.25.19)
..... in contravention of polish law. you can't blame them for being nazis, you cant blame them for killing jews. not unlike the fact that turkey didn't annihalate the armenians (the ottomans did. have one in my living room). also, right is left, light is dark and orwell was an optimist.
13. Brain-Damaged, Brain-Washed indocrinated retards.
NYC   (04.26.19)
For the educated logical people who have studied Christianity think and know that Christianity is complete fiction, anti-Semitic fiction, and that Jesus is complete fiction. Basically the NT is based on the OT, Jewish Inter-testamental literature like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Homer and the Parallels with Josephus make it a slam dunk. All designed in one case the cast eternal hatred upon Jews who rejected and revolted against Rome.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.29.19)
15. What they're not showing you here (but did on Polish TV) are
small children participating, while being goaded by cheering grownups.
What more can be added to the sorry saga of Jews vs Poles?
This is wrong on so many levels.
Third world behavior!
16. (((FACTS)))
J.Quinn ,   Indianapolis   (10.31.19)
Jesus was an Israelite and of Shem through Jacob and was Judean he wasn't of Gomar nor Japheth this what I call fake Jew and is to Yah also you gotta be of Jacob's seed these were converted ppl not real Jews
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