Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks
News Agencies
Published: 23.04.19, 13:54
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1. Islamic State--and who else would it be?
C   (04.23.19)
and would be the difference?

are any of them freedom fighters?

do freedom fighters blow up innocent children and mothers praying
quietly in church?

what do these monsters want? they cannot imagine that they will
annihilate all christians in sri lanka.
no, they jut want to have their sadistic pleasure watching the pain
and suffering.
they obey the quran which is filled with commandments to kill the
infidels and all apostates.
2. I know who did it
Tom   (04.23.19)
muslim fanatics did this awful thing. They hate Christians, Jews and others people because they are different. We can stay indifferent. We shall remember that day forever. I'm wondering why that's happened. Why they are so cruel and ruthless. Mob wanted to show that they rule. Never in my life I go where live muslim extremists. I deliberately wrote it muslim to show my scorn. I hate extremism. Folks sorry for my English.
3. "islamic state", "i.s." defeated or not?
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (04.23.19)
U.S. president Donald Trump said recently, that i.s. has been defeated. Now they claim that they are behind the evil,barbaric and criminal attacks in Sri Lanka. Who speaks the truth? I.S. at last is defeated, when the criminal ideology of "islam" is destroyed completely, needed to live in security, freedom and peace for all of us.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.26.19)
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