Israeli TV host implies Muslims set fire to Notre Dame Cathedral
Raz Shechnik
Published: 23.04.19, 15:05
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1. well they certainly set fire to cars and now to mottos
a young muslim boy was asked why he did and he laughed and said
that it was much fun.

the situation of the cathedral and surrounding areas is somewhat
different. we do not know as of yet what really happened. did someone
set on fire the cathedral on purpose, or was the fire an accident.
for the time being this is unknown.

what is known for certain that during many years and many areas,
large parts of france has been put to fire by young muslim kids.
the young muslim arsonists in france have caused quite a bit of
physical damage, often to private individuals.
lately, the gillet jaune of the far right and far left anarchists have
been destroying national treasures as if a museum could be turned
into gateaux.
of course, this society that has become quite secular is now crying
over the beautiful lady of paris. the term strange cannot adequately
describe french society.

2. No satisfactory explanation has been found
Jake   (04.23.19)
And since the French authorities immediately discounted arson without providing any conclusive explanation, doubts still remain.

"Emmanuelle Elbaz-Phelps, a foreign correspondent for Channel 12 news who was being interviewed by Gilad, replied she in fact did know there was no arson, since the French investigation had established that."

On what grounds?
3. 2 years ago car loaded with explosives found there
GoodForAvri!! ,   Jerusalem   (04.24.19)
Outside the Cathedral about 2 years ago who has this not been
mentioned?!! Re Channel 12 13 11 the public knows the dangerous politically correct rule there . The group real question why the Zionist public doesn’t raise an outcry fir the creation of one just one Pro Zionist mainstream tv channel just one ! Who really are you Likud ...?!
4. No Muslim would do a thing like that
Darkwing ,   Morganton   (04.26.19)
It was the Mossad.
6. Avri Gilad racist schmuck before U accuse where's ur proof?
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