Netanyahu: We'll name a Golan town after Trump
Itamar Eichner, Itai Blumenthal
Published: 23.04.19, 20:30
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1. BB sucks up to Trump the white supremist supporter
Israel doesn't need permission from trump. IDF captured the Golan in 1967. It belongs to Israel. It is strategic in maintaining defense.
2. Probably the greatest statesman in the world today
Al   (04.23.19)
The man is a genius.

Name me one leader who has great relations with both Trump and Putin.

Israel is very lucky to have him as a PM.

No one even comes close.

His political rivals are a joke.

Every past Israeli general has proven to be either dumb or clueless as to the situation.

That doesn't speak well for the IDF.
3. A town name in honor of Trump
Can I suggest: Be'er Shakran Kahthom?
4. Really???
Shlomo ,   USA   (04.23.19)
A town named after a man who broke his marriage vows 3 times by cheating on his three wives? Where is the outrage from religious Jews in Israel or are they the same hypocrites as Evangelicals in the US? What’s next, a street named after the man who murdered 6 million of our people? You have to draw the line somewhere and to honor the dishonorable is a line no Jew should be willing to cross; because if we do, our beliefs, our history, and our way of life means nothing. Where is that shining light among nations that we claimed was our aspiration?
5. "Here is the clock, the Trumpton clock. Telling the time,
cant wait to visit trumpton, Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb.
6. I have suggestion...Yad Katan
Eileen ,   Kiryat Ono   (04.24.19)
7. Truly the perfect and deserved gift this
Cameron   (04.24.19)
Undoubtedly staying on Trump's good side with moves of this caliber.

Most definitely flattering to the vanity of the Yankee King.

An astute maneuver by Net of Israel.

And more mention of these intriguing anti-drone rifles in the future if you please, YNET.
8. and what shall be the name of the city?
ex Oleh Chadash   (04.23.19)
Trumpilia? Like Herzlia?

Have you started the real estate bull yet? How much costs an apartment there in Trumpilia?
9. 1st name towns after Eli Cohen & IDF soldiers who fell...
Samaech Tet ,   Israel   (04.24.19)
...defending and securing the Golan Heights...because truly Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu, Sir:
if Eli Cohen of the MOSSAD hadn't done what he did in Syria and
if the IDF soldiers hadn't done what they did in 1967 and 1973
then there wouldn't be a Golan Heights under Israeli control for POTUS Mr. Trump to recognize and
then you wouldn't be going on & on about naming a place to name in the Golan Heights after POTUS Mr. Trump now.
would you?

In other words, Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu, Sir, there is a Golan Heights under Israeli control by the Mighty Hand of G-d, Eli Cohen and the IDF.
So, Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu, Sir, to be very clear, POTUS Mr. Trump didn't give us anything G-d, Eli Cohen and the IDF did ALL of the work...POTUS 45 is just a late arriving start-up who is trying to take all the know P.M. Mr. Netanyahu, Sir, a late arriving start-up, in the manner of one who has his friends do his school homework and then he takes the credit and gets the university degree for the work of others.
10. Trump-o'-Grad, Donaldograd
Alexander Scheiner ,   Trumpland   (04.24.19)
Nitayville, Sarahpolis, ecetera.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu is simply getting nuts.

Israel urgently needs a Fresh Wind. Note, after elections is always before elections.

For Zion
Kfar Egoist or Bnei Egoistim....
12. Kiryat Donald ?
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (04.24.19)
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