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IDF soldier born to Gaza parents commended for excellence
Korin Elbaz Alush
Published: 24.04.19, 14:35
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1. Their Jewish souls made it back home!
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.24.19)
Many many Arabs have Jewish ancestry, who were forcefully converted to Islam in the last thousand years. Their families know nothing else. But if they chose to do some research, it would open their eyes and they would learn that their family origins were in Judaism. That's why Islam provides the death penalty for anyone leaving Islam- it's the only way Mohammed could keep his forcefully-converted subjects from fleeing and returning to their true faith.

It takes a brave and honest family to want to learn the truth.

These young men are some of Israel's finest. Bravo! Well done!
2. These people are the future. Welcome to Israel!
Esteban ,   Lausanne   (04.24.19)
3. All Palestinians should convert into Christianism.
ex Oleh Chadash   (04.24.19)
So both people (Israelis and Palestinians) achieve piece. Israel wants peace.

Islam - it encourages hatred and bigotry only.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.
4. you see, self hating is not just a Jewish phenomenon
Moshe   (04.24.19)
Millions of Jews converted to Christianity in Europe in the last few hundred years and some participated in the persecution of their own people. to orthodox Jews, he is a useful Goy
5. m
moishe   (04.24.19)
if you are Jewish you enjoy heaven on earth. any other religion you are dying to get to heaven. or so it seems. quality does not mean quantity. we are an exclusive club. that is why it is so hard to join. welcome, sgt., family.
6. so proud, but you don't show his face and hide his name.
will he use a mask on Independence Day?
7. His former co-religionists
Jake ,   Dallas   (04.25.19)
Don’t appreciate people who leave their cult. So they will simply have to lie on the ground with their tucheses in each other’s faces screaming in impotent frustration while this person has a happy and productive life.
8. AMAZING!!! unbelievable heart warming story!!!
smokeonwater   (04.25.19)
9. excelent note
mara klarinsky ,   ashdod   (04.25.19)
Like this, there are plenty of histories that the public has to know. Not all the palestines hate Israel or the israelis. There are persons in both sides that want to live in peace, one way or the other.
10. every convert knows
tell the true   (04.25.19)
Jews don't like them, don't accept them as authentic Jews. They remind converts all the time they are converts. Talmud forbids it, but people do.

"It's always accompanied by follow-up questions, but I'm Jewish and Israeli, and proud of myself and my parents who chose to come to Israel."

It happens to all converts. That's it.
11. Not ashocking story if you know history
Alot of Arabs today have Jewish roots, forced to convert to Islam when it reached the land of Israel hundreds of years ago.
12. Israelis have some of the most amazing biographies...
Jeez 'O' Pete! ,   Vodz, RU   (04.26.19)
of any people I have ever met but this story takes the cake. Kol hakavod.
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