Poll finds Americans love Israel, not its government
Published: 24.04.19, 23:10
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1. A survey conducted with a broader range would
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.19)
have produced a clearer picture.Most average americans don't even know where Israel is,could not place it on a map for love of money,are not aware that Israel has LGBT rights and have a picture of the middle east as up to our necks in sand and camels.I would be very surprised if many actually knew what kind of government we have.Most surveys are conducted in major cities and do not represent a clear picture of the whole USA.
2. I am yet to see a government that is loved.
leo ,   usa   (04.25.19)
Besides, I doubt ordinary Americans care very much about makeup of Israeli government, probably not a t all.

3. Pew Resesrch has become very Leftist & unreliable
PewOr Phew!? ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.19)
Anyone watching the Pew Rreports the last few years will ha e noticed a decidedly leftist biased bent on almost every subject and accompanying “poll”
They take Pew can no longer be relied on for fair reporting.
4. Few Americans know anything about the Arab-Israen conflict
DGB ,   Haifa   (04.25.19)
Few Americans have no idea where Israel is, let alone anything about
all about the country or political situation except
1) what the media feeds them
2) and to support whoever is portrayed as the underdog by them.
5. Most Americans
DGB ,   Haifa   (04.25.19)
Israelis like Americans too. But..
Most Americans have no idea where Israel is,
let alone about the country, it's diverse population,
it's government or policies.
Except, what they are fed by the media,
and to support whoever is portrayed as
the underdog.
6. Accurate reflection of Israeli-American "rift"
Government incorporating Haredi parties that dictate cutting-off more than half of world Jewry declaring them "goyim"

Defines Nation-State Law such that Israel is home to only a small, radical, racist-defined, increasingly Haredi-only, Orthodox portion of the world's Jews.
7. Pew has become “ Fake News” “ Fake Polls”
FakePewPolls” ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.19)
All the “ polls” in Israel and the US re their elections were proved WRONG !
Pew= Phew
8. “10,000 polled “ in nation of 330 million !!
PropagandaPoll ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.19)
Must have taken the poll in downtown San Francisco
9. Need breakdown by who watches cnn, msnbc or fox
David ,   New york   (04.25.19)
since when do any Americans actually know about Israel’s government?
All they “know” is whether some Talking head on TV says “Netanyahu bad”
Can they mention a single thing accurate fact about Israel’s government

What this is more a reflection of is that the Democrat politicians say that they “support Israel” but oppose Netanyahu. It’s baloney, they don’t support Israel and have thrown Israel under the bus at every opportunity (eg Iran deal and many others). But this way they can get away with all the crap they do
10. Took poll from J Street members on Pews auto dial
JStreetPoll ,   Jerusalem   (04.27.19)
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.27.19)
Their government, but love America. What a useless article to post here. Most young people follow politics from media and not geographical knowledge or history, anyway.
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