Iran: Israel will drag US into war it doesn't want
Published: 25.04.19, 10:04
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1. Iran drags everyone in Middle East to war
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.25.19)
2. Zarif transparent spin and blatant lies
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (04.25.19)
Zarif should listen to his own terrorist IRGC heads who threaten war and annihilation on Israel and America on a daily and weekly basis.Or has he turned selectively deaf and blind in his own country..His Ayatollah has made him completely irrelevant.
3. US and Israel dont want war...BUT IRAN DOES..Why?
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.25.19)
Only a month ago Salami ranted

Iran was “planning to break America, Israel, and their partners and allies. Our ground forces should cleanse the planet from the filth of their existence,”

And the previous month, he vowed to wipe Israel off the “global political map,” and to unleash an “inferno” on the Jewish state

Any new war, he said, “will result in Israel’s defeat within three days, in a way that they will not find enough graves to bury their dead.”

However hard Zarif may try glossing over THE TRUTH the FACT REMAINS

This vile lying venomous Iranian Regime is the new 21st Century reincartion of barbaric racist Naziism bent on hegemony, regional domination, blood lust, militarism, massacre and genocide

Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.25.19)
Stay in the mosque in Tehran and no one will bother at all to look at you, even. You want to conquer Jerusalem then you will have to deal with the consequences. The second these guys get stuck in whatever they are doing, then they pull the Israel and PALIS cards out. Now, this guy is begging the democrats to save his ass.
5. Looking for an excuse
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (04.25.19)
It is hoped an accident is plotted but it won't be US that plots it.
6. m
moishe   (04.25.19)
Iran leaders becoming desperate for a deal to lift sanctions to improve economy that it invents false news to get support. leaders have wasted vast resources supporting Hezbolah and Hamas as they meddle elsewhere in ME. Iranians suffer as do others where Iran interferes.
7. America, Israel's Donkey, $Trillions wasted on Israel wars
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (04.25.19)
8. Sanctions against Tehran
Musa omri ,   Khartoum , Sudan   (04.25.19)
Tehran regime is waking up to the ugly reality,that you can never pull your neighbors by their nose and still walk away a free man. The many threats they have issued to the Jewish nation and the threats of taking over Jerusalem, David's city is a clear provocation that Israel and US military should not taking it lightly. I believe the 40years these regime has been in power is enough, we are tired of this blood thirsty and chest thumping regime that has proved to care less about their own citizens but invested more in programs aimed at wiping the Jewish nation off the map as they have openly described.more than 10 million Iranians are at risk because of the floods, a third of Iran's road infrastructure is damaged, but the fellows are still busy working on a railway line between Tehran and Damascus!!!!! Economic sanctions against the Tehran regime is overdue, these is the only way these regime will have some respect to its counterparts in the region.
9. The very last thing the Persians want
Cameron   (04.26.19)
The #1 rule of the clerical regime over the decades has been to avoid a real stand-up brawl with the US.

They talk the talk, but dare not walk the walk.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.26.19)
The mullahs to show up everyday and just play a meaningless show in front of bunch of my own illiterate countrymen? BABA ZARIF, you are in a job that you don’t even want. Didn’t you quit one time? You are being dragged around in a country that you don’t even want to live in anymore. I assume you have a nice comfortable scape place in Canada or England that you are going to crawl into once the mass population gets tired of your BS lies.
11. Twahir Abasi (above)
solomon ,   New York   (04.26.19)
Your posts are laughable, being only your wishful thinking, having nothing to do with reality, facts. Keep dreaming!
To behave itself.
13. America is fighting in Islamic wars not Israel
Lindy Lee ,   Hartford   (04.27.19)
Get your facts right
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