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Obama's heir Biden launches 2020 presidential campaign
Associated Press
Published: 25.04.19, 13:27
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1. who's next
simon ,   new york   (04.25.19)
President Donald Trump
2. He stood by as Obama ruined the country.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.25.19)
All the news that comes to light indicates Obama and Biden and Clinton were carpetbaggers- only looking out for themselves, not the country. They should be in prison.

Sanders? He can go back to Russia. Free college! Free healthcare! Forgive all college loans! The man is using the same stupid gimmicks that middle-school kids use to get elected to student government. "I'll let you chew gum in class! I'll let you wear shorts to school! I'll make lunch break an hour and a half!" Anything to get elected. Anything.

Most of the democrats are falling over each other trying to give away more things than the others.

Nothing is free. You want taxes to go to 70 or 80%, elect a democrat. Americans aren't that stupid. You're watching the democratic party self-destruct.
3. This clown and buffoon will fall on his own pretty quickly
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.25.19)
4. This is the best the Dems can push forward?
Cameron   (04.28.19)
That tired old hack lined up against the Trump?

Ah Lord, the liberal rabble is going to be chopped down without mercy come 2020.
5. Next up Bloomie from NYC...that idiot is still looking for
Al   (04.28.19)
his 15 seconds of fame.

Delusional old geezers...

Not to worry the brain dead American Jews will still vote democrat even if they were to dress as Nazis.

When Hitler advocated gun control in pre war Nazi Germany his biggest supporters were the German Jews.

In their warped thinking they actually believed the Nazis would control those who would harm them.

We all know the end of that story. So it is with American Jews. They are delusional.
6. Biden's a spent commodity... he won't endure
Rafi ,   US   (04.28.19)
Dem's best bet is Mayor Pete teamed up with Amy Klobochar
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