Hitler's 'suicide note' up for auction, could fetch up to $90,000
Published: 25.04.19, 15:16
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1. Israeli newspapers only
disgusting   (04.25.19)
post a lot of stories on nazis, all the time. Sometimes I think you love them.

People say hate is another side of love.
2. Adolph-Burn in Hell Eternally
koose e mack ,   Great Satan   (04.25.19)
4. Eva Braun was a shemale.
ex Oleh Chadash   (04.27.19)
or maybe, an hermaphrodite.

A person (probably the butler) who spied the couple through the keyhole reported that the F├╝kher liked her to sit on him and piss on him; only then did the pig get to have an orgasm, and were said to scream a lot.
5. Adolf Hitler did not die in Berlin in the bunker...
Rivkah   (04.28.19)
The book, "Escape from the Bunker", says Martin Bormann drugged Hitler and carried him out of the bunker. A double died in the bunker with Eva Braun Hitler. Hitler was taken to Portugal on a Vatican rat line and then to South America and then to Antarctica. He had two children by a Portuguese woman who moved to New Mexico. Adolf Hitler had a daughter by artificial insemination of his seed that was frozen and put into Eva Braun Hitler's younger sister. That child was born and adopted by a Lutheran Minister and his wife in East Germany and that daughter of Adolf Hitler is now the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Adolf Hitler died in Antarctica many years after WWII ended.
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