Israel to free two prisoners in return for soldier's remains
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 27.04.19, 13:39
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1. A fair & equitable swap unlike Shalit deal fo1100 criminals
Alan ,   SA   (04.27.19)
2. Nope: the freed prisoners should be Russian! If we haven’t
got any yet, then wait until we do!
3. Death for life
אליהו   (04.28.19)
I thought we were the ones that loved life? Let them loose to kill again. What a יום דין for this government.
4. 2 free murders to reelect the big lier bibi
Jon ,   Usa   (04.28.19)
And if you believe it was not plan to help the lier to get elected, i have dome bridge to sell you.
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