One dead, three injured at California synagogue shooting
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 27.04.19, 23:30
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1. America may be booming...Jews are getting wealthy but
A.B.   (04.28.19)
in the end they are not welcome in AMERICA.

Young PEOPLE ARE DOING THE SHOOTING..TELLS ME THAT all that holocaust education and museums has been for naught.

WE ought to spend our money getting ourselves out of America,

The only safe place for Jews is in Israel.
2. Every law abiding American Jew of age...
It's Time ,   Everytown, USA   (04.28.19)
should be exercising their Second Amendment rights and carrying a concealed weapon. The correct response to an active shooter or armed terrorist is to shoot back.

Ironically, Jewish bastions in the US's east coast have some of the strictest and most draconian firearms laws in the country, preventing people from obtaining conceal carry permits. I'm talking about you, NY, NJ and MA.

And the bitter irony? American Jews have more often than not been on the front line of disarmament of themselves and their fellow citizens, if not personally, then by virtue of voting for their party of choice, the Democrats.

Shame on you!

You thought it would never happen in the US? You were dead wrong!
3. Check whereabouts of Antisemite Raid Algtard inciting
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.28.19)
against Jews and calling for this to happen
4. POTUS: AR Weapons kill, BAN THEM NOW
Yep AR weapons kill little children in US schools
Yep AR weapons kill Christians in Churches and Jews in Synagogues
Yep AR weapons kill people in bars

Either get rid of the entire first amendment of the constitution or fix the second amendment of the constitution because at this rate the second amendment of the constitution backed up by AR weapons is very busy killing USA human beings!

p.s. take your thoughts and prayers and put them where the moon don't shine
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