Netanyahu: San Diego attack 'blow to Jewish nation's heart'
Ynet, News Agecnies
Published: 28.04.19, 12:02
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1. Rightist Antisemiies Leftist NY Times Racists
ToxicSituation ,   Jerusalem   (04.28.19)
White Black and Hispanic antisemites “ Liberal” Academia antisemites “ we just hate the duly elected government of the one and only
Jewish Homeland “ The “ Liberal “ American Jewish
Community derangly blindly Hates the popular president of at least half the nation there Assimilated Academians “ Of Jewish decent” lead the anti Israel wolf pack ..a toxic cocktail for the minority traditional Jewish Community there
The shooter shot you an Orthodox synagogue that supports president Trump
2. Wise guy! Antisemitism will be “with us” even when there’ll
be no us....
I suspect it’s a Universal phenomenon. Say: Alpha Centauri planets- they sure got it too!!!
3. The answer is a strong Jewish Israel with lots more Jews
Al   (04.28.19)
Sad that an Israeli looking to make his fortune in the goldena medina gets shot in America.

I wish him well and I hope he comes back to the people and country that truly loves him.

America will decend into the abyss of civil war. The white folk will not allow their country to be taken over by the brown black yellow folk.

The Jews will be caught from both sides.
4. Mossad please get to work
chaim ben eliezer ,   Israel   (04.28.19)
Just as the Jews of the Diaspora helped the fledging State of Israel in the early days of independence with money, political support and soldiers, the Diaspora now desparately needs Israel help. We need to send our defense experts to show the American Jews how to harden their institutions against attack, teach our people to use guns and most of all to hunt down and deal with (can't write specifics) the Jew haters before they act. Finally, Israel leaders have to plead, beg, conjole or do whatever we have to get to the American Jews to come home before it is too late (Heaven Forvend)
5. Shooting
Standing Tall ,   San Diego   (04.28.19)
Nothing about the off duty Border Patrol agent who opened fire at the perpetrator. I’m wondering why? He probably saved several lives.
6. And Kamala Harris and the rest of the democratic candidates
joseph ,   USA   (04.28.19)
want this piece of garbage to keep his right to vote. Thank you for your anti-semitic rhetoric Democrats, It is you who have pushed the nation's hate and division. Where is Ilhan Omar? Where are Talib and Occasional COrtex?
You are the party of the KKK lets never forget that.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.29.19)
In our quest to build better Jewish communities all around the world. Since when do these attacks have any good results for its organizers? Each attack just makes Israel more just and more focused on the progress of Israel and its livelihood.

8. Time for Jews to get out of Dodge
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